Coach K plans to keep coaching ORMA, but right now things a bit unclear for Coach Kowalewski

New report that just came out early on this Friday afternoon and we will watch this one closely to see how it pans out and develops, as this does effect many plans for the Oak Ridge Military Academy and kids that attend or will attend school there…..From News and Record/

Click above to check out the N&R reports and they will have more findings as they develop and the jury is still out on this one….If all things come our clear, then it will continue to be all systems go, otherwise, we will have to wait and see, as in most cases, we always need to do…..


  1. I read a copy of the rather lengthy complaint filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission yesterday. It is pretty damaging but yes we will have to wait and see. I did see a line item where it mentions he routinely debited from one of these funds for all kinds of things and included was tons of personal items, ORMA Basketball Uniforms, plane tickets for the basketball teams he coached, kids meals…There is a ton of other damaging things listed so not looking good, but you are right in that we should still take a wait and see approach. I imagine there will not be a shortage of comment on this one. Pray for all parties involved.

  2. He living high on hog aint he? I love it when you use other people money to live the high life.

  3. Hi Andy, I think for the sake of the kids enrolled in ORMA right now that you should not allow this topic on the board. The typical ORMA naysayers, EddieWillis, Bernie Madoff, Dale Fulton, and others that you know who they are will just use it as an opportunity to bash ORMA and the kids. There are over 100 kids and families affected on this topic and we need to keep that in mind and not be proliferating rumors so can you please remove this?

  4. The funk is about to hit the fan again………..I heard about this earlier before football season got underway………..

  5. Yo!!!!! This due realy likes livin on the edge!!!!!!! He is Wilding out his life and every body else life to!!!!!!!!

  6. Naysayer? I actually live on OR and am thankful for what has been done for the school and community. Why is it that people always question someone’s questions as being negative?

  7. i could have a lot of fun with 16 million he was buying underwear and diapers and a 5 million dollar house i think he would have been okay if he hadnt bought the house

  8. We will try and keep this as topical as possible and give a look to breaking it off at around 5pm….We are giving you a chance to have your say and we need to try and keep it laid at in way where it won’t hurt those that have invested their time and hard work into this school year at ORMA….There many kids out there tying to get a good education….

    A red flag did go up in my mind when I heard about the house at Myrtle Beach….That is quite a bit of money for home, but we are into the sports end of things and not real estate…When today’s news dealt with whether or not Stan would continue to coach at Oak Ridge with these allegations coming forward, that is why we brought this on board today….

    Let’s not let this take us somewhere where we don’t need to be in our coverage of sports and for now, we plan to keep on posting all ORMA news and sport updates, if we did not post the info, that might hurt a kid in his or her chances in moving on to the next level whether it be college or the pros and that should always be our goal, to try and help promote the programs and the kids that play on the teams that make up these different sports programs at all the schools, public and private….

  9. And that’s the end of Oak Ridge Sports as we know it!!!! I guess parents will take their kids back to the High Schools they were at!!!!

  10. Andy,
    You never cut off the ugly comments and hatred being spewed toward Carolina on this site when all of their NCAA problems happened. That is because you dislike Carolina. You are going to cut this off at 5:00 because you have continually been in Stan K’s corner. Try being unbiased for a change.
    This really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, based on the track record.

  11. Anytime you mingle company funds with personal money and treat it like it yours, you are asking for trouble. Big trouble. He should have know better after what he did at Northern. He living the high life. nothing wrong with that but you better make sure its your own money and not someone else. When you take people retirement money to invest and it go missing, you got a major problem. Take it from someone who knows. Sincerely Bernie Madoff.

  12. Your’e talking college vs. high school…ORMA is made up of high school kids and with North Carolina you are talking about grown men in some cases….

    The North Carolina ordeal with Butch Davis was and still is a National Topic…The Oak Ridge situation deals with kids right here in our backyard….

    I see a very big difference in the North Carolina level with college students and the ORMA level with high school kids…..

    When they get to collge, for the most part they are on the way to being on their own and in high school they are stilll somebody’s kid and many cases in the end in the end, mom and dad’s little son and daughter…..

    Big difference in the college and high school guidelines when it comes to topics like these….

    The Carolina situation has been blasted all over the radio in-state and on the national level…The ORMA kids are local kids and I think we need to keep a closer watch on the them than we do the ones that have gone off to college….

    It isn’t all about Stan Kowalewski, there are a number of students and families that have made a strong committment to be Cadet student/athletes at Oak Ridge Military Academy and for their sake we don’t want to see this turn into a Veritas Sports Academy ending…..

    Hey, for the most part when they go off to the college I never hear from the kids/students again, but from the high school scene we see them and their parents every day….Just heard from a kid today that was saying thanks for all that we do here, and believe me, that is a good thing to hear when you are seeing and hearing so much negative these days…..Would love to hear that kind of thing even more often and I’m sure we will amidst all the digging we are doing out here in the fields of sports and education….

    The North Carolina deal kind of died out and it was hot topic……

    Again, I see the high school levels and college levels as be different levels as far as hands on/hands off…..

  13. If the SEC is “freezing your assets” it’s pretty much a done deal at that point. They have all the evidence they need to bring a strong case against you. The last line of the article is classic, where K is asked about ORMA’s financial future………….not good at all folks.

    Kids, here’s the LESSON to be learned here: the grass is NEVER greener on the otherside!

  14. Closing her down for now….Will have more on this topic in the days and weeks to come….Article link will take you to current News and Record/N&R story….

    We need to get and try and see some basketball tonight…..

    Thanks for weighing in here at…..I’ve got no issues with anyone, I thought I was the “People’s Choice”…..

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