High School Hoops Tonight and Radio/Internet for Dudley at Page…

Dudley at Page
Northwest Guilford at Ragsdale
Southeast Guilford at Western Guilford
High Point Wesleyan at High Point Christian
Southern Alamance at Grimsley
Glenn at Southwest Guilford
Northern Guilford at Western Alamance
Southwest Randolph at Northeast Guilford
Eastern Guilford at McMichael
High Point Andrews at WS Atkins
WS Parkland at High Point Central
Ledford at Southern Guilford
Calvary Baptist at Caldwell Academy

Providence Day at Greensboro Day School(Saturday)
Oak Ridge in Virginia Showcase(Saturday)
Smith at Page(Saturday)
Smith at Dudley(next Friday night)
Northwest at Northern(next Wednesday night)

Dudley at Page on AM950 radio at around 7:15 and on wpetam950.com

Dudley at Page girls, we’ll see Dudley need with those very quick passes and everything the Dudley does will need to go through Desiree Drayton, so Chesley Coleman and Olivia Seegar and bigger girls for Page need to have BIG games and Dudley will sling those passes and the back side of the Page “D” may be able to come and grab some steal if they are willing to take a chance….K-Love Rouse Sr. as Skip McCall likes to call her at Dudley is very tough as is Kierra McIvor for Dudley and Rouse Jr.(Kayla) is also a huge threat….Brittany Drew will have to hit the outside shot if Page is to stay in this game and Dudley’s girls will run and they will pass you to death….

Dudley boys have BIG guards and Page will set up the press and come after them….Page is much smaller, but quicker and Frankie Eaves, Jackson Kent and Bryson Fonville will need to make that quickness pay off tonight for Page….Reggie Dillard had a very large game in the Dudley win at Page last year and Dudley will look to him again tonight…Kent is 6’5 at guard and Reggie is 6’3 so there is no real trade off their in size, except for Reggie’s strength….James Summers, Justin Conner, and Dillon Sykes may the X-factors for the Pirates and how well they play away from the key guard matchups may be the determiner….Dudley has inside size/power with Darius Workman and Brandon Clyburn, plus the Panthers have been getting solid contributions off the bench from Alvah Phillips, Jamar Weathers and Shaquille Hargrove…

Do we have a change in the weather with Page very hot and Dudley cooling off????? We will have the story for you here at the site and on AM950 radio/wpetam950.com tonight….Page wants to show that they are not only the Pizza Hut Champs, that they are also the City Champs and they want to prove the Pirates are in line to become the Metro 4-A Champs…..We will know this evening so stay with us all day and night…..


  1. On what we were speaking on above, there will also a factor with how Dudley decides to break the Page press…Will the Panthers decide to go over the top with the pass to break the Pirate press or will they try and dribble around and through the press….(We have seen it many times over the years, pass-pass-pass to beat the press and the ball never touches the floor…..)

    Sam Hunt for Dudley becomes a real here….Sam probably won’t have as many opportunities to get his shot in this game if he is pre-occupied breaking that Pirate press….Sam will need some help and DJ Alston could be a very option to use with him being an outlet pass recipiant….Page will press and Page will trap, and they had major success with this Pirate approach in the Pizza Hut Tournament….Page will be able to continue and dictate the pace of this game if they can get a lead and push the Pirate press….

    How well will Dudley Panthers handle the Pirate pressure? Expect a pressure-cooker inside the Mac Morris Gym tonight and again, the Panthers are no strangers to pressure, they have been finding ways to get over the top for many years…..But, this new Pirate Pressure? Got to see what the kids from the Hut can do with it tonight…….

    Good Panther/Pirate points, talking points????? You will have to make or shake up that call……..

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