The downtown rink is closed today, but the roads are OPEN: Skate with Care(Roads are an icy mess!)

Made the run, walk, hike, skate, slide into town on foot from just outside in the county today and in some places the roads are nothing more than a sheet of ice….

Inside the city not too bad in some spots, but on the side roads/streets it is just like the Ice Bowl all over again, in Green Bay, Wisconsin…..

I was hoofing it down Randleman road in the center lane to avoid the side traffic and as it made my across the street toward a shopping center, big Chevy Suburban was having trouble making it up a slight incline and was trying to get up the small hill and back into the street and the Suburban could not make it up the slick hill coming out of that shopping parking lot…

I stopped to give them a push and got a load of slush on my clothes for my efforts, but as the Suburban was going sideways and burning the rubber off of their tires, my one-man shove sent them flying out into the street….

Glad to help, but the slush on the clothes makes the afternoon hike/skate a bit cooler, so it is time to stop and log in my experiences….

At times on the roads this morning, the run/walk/hike was nothing more than a skate…With the rubber sole shoes, it was just like being on a ice skating rink and all you could do on the roads was slide along like Elvis Stojko…..

Good day to be out doors with almost everything closed, there’s not much more you could be doing…Get in about 5-6 miles today and nothing’s lost from the workout schedule….

I’m not too sure when the schools will resume classes, it might not be until Friday, if then…With the roads set to freeze over again over night, every day, the remainder of this week, will be in question as far as cacellation possibilities go……

Be careful out there if on foot and be extremely cautious if driving, some of those streets are still very, very slick…..