Charlotte area schools on Two-hour Delay Thursday, what will Guilford do?

What will Guilford County do with the Thursday schools’ schedule and will they start exams tomorrow as previously planned, if school is back in session??? Will there be a delay, will the schools start at the regular time, will there be school at all?????

What was that tune a few years ago? “Only Time Will Tell?”

Here is the word on what they are up to down in Charlotte and we all have to remember, that our current schools’ leader Mo Green, was in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools system, before he came here to be in charge of Guilford County……

CLICK HERE for the CMS report and it helps when we study and look at the different school systems around the state, since we are as much about higher education here at this site, as we are about sports and athletics….

I may have to take over and run(not ruin) this Guilford County Schools System one day and I want to be ready…….