What do high school and college wrestlers do in this type of weather?(EAT!)

What do high school and college wrestlers do in this type of weather?

What can they do????? The high school guys can’t practice and where do you go to work out when the weather has shut down just about everything in town…..

The high school wrestler who left school weighing 125 pounds last Friday, probably hits the scales at around 140 today….How are you going to keep the weight down, when you can’t work out? When these high school wrestlers go back to school it’s going to be like starting over……

The kid who was battling to stay at 105, now weighs around 115 or 120…..You can go outside and work up a sweat while walking or sliding down the street, but then you’re going to come back inside and eat and drink, until you fall asleep watching TV, and the high school kid is going to sleep until 11 or Noon the next day and wake up and eat some more….

I don’t see how you can sit around at home and starve yourself, when you can’t get over to the school and practice….Maybe you can get over to the Recreation Center and get in a work out, but you have the whole day to sit and around and eat and watch TV or chat on the computer/internet and then you’re still 5-10 pounds overweight the next day…..

It might be a little easier to rationlize what the college kids are doing, since they have access to the on-campus fitness center and some of the workout/wrestling rooms, even if school/college has been delayed or cancelled for the day….The hard part again, will be getting these guys out of bed on a snow day when the skies are gray and you want to sleep all day….Then when you do get up, you go get something to eat and you are on the way/weigh to being 5 pounds in the hole…..

I don’t know what these guys are going to do, but it is going to be a very tough winter year/season for the high school wrrestlers….When they get rolling again, it’s going to be the middle of January and then they only have two weeks to finish the regular season, with the Conference Tournaments set to start at or around February 1……

Any suggestions or solutions????? Have another piece of toast and get yourself a big glass of water…..Or drink another Coke and use it to wash down another 4 or 5 doughnuts……Good luck trying to decide which road to take, both of those streets/eats are a bit slick this time of year……..