“Roy Williams Live”

North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams doesn’t like doing his radio call-in show, “Roy Williams Live” and he is starting to get fed up with some of the fans that call into that show…..Coach Williams does not want to hear a word at all about last season, and has total disdain toward anyone that brings up last season, or makes any comparisons to this season and last season….I started to ask him how it was going this season, and how it seems to be heading into a much better direction than that of last season, when I saw Coach Williams at the Greensboro Coliseum back on Monday, but I thought bettter of it and decided not to try and be cute, knowing that line of questioning has been the origin of many of the recent Roy Rants……

CLICK HERE and read all about Roy’s recent rants, when it comes to “Roy Williams Live”…….


  1. I think the Heels are better this year, I think they will win the NIT this year and not have the runner-up finish like last year.

  2. They don’t want to do the show but they don’t mind the income they get for doing them.

  3. The word is $200,000 for 18 shows during the basketball season…..Not a bad deal for one hour a week……18 hours=’s $200,000…….No show prep for the coaches either and a free meal is there for your liking……

    Should be plenty to talk about next Monday night, if they want to go that route……

  4. Hey Bruce,
    As A Duke fan and President of ABC why dont you call Coach K’s call in radio show and ask him how he would handle this situation?

    Roy does need to learn just to keep quiet sometimes.

  5. Roy can adapt to change well at all—Pitino, Self, Fisher , Izzo, and coach K have all proven they can coach kids of the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, etc. and they can adapt—Roy is one of those people who is congenial when all is going right and he will throw you under the bus when he’s under pressure or stress—-He’s just a backwoods hillbilly who has been luck in his mentors and his talent–

  6. Well, that explains it then. Roy is lucky. I knew there was something about him I couldnt quite out my finger on.

  7. I’m not the president, I’m just here to serve right-thinking people everywhere.

    I would, but Coach K doesn’t take money for doing a call-in radio show and then show contempt for Duke fans. He gave his assistant coaches the opportunity and experience to do their call-in show instead, while he does his own highly-praised Sirius radio show.

    Actually I’m too busy listening to K praise Greensboro Duke fans, or Meadowlands Duke fans or MSG Duke fans for their loyal support. The fans in Cameron Indoor are the most storied in all of basketball (of course I don’t have to tell you that, do I, Mick?) and Coach K shows his appreciation after most every game.

    On the other hand, K is a straight shooter, so I doubt he would have much patience with the likes of you people if he (God forbid) switched places with Ol’ Roy.

  8. Dont sell yourself short Bruce. You da man when it comes to ABC. See I dont know a whole lot about Dook because I spend zero time on The University of New Jesey at Durham. Zero. Which is what separates ABCers from pretty much everybody in the world. You spend as much time on Carolina as you do your own team! Reveling in every mishap, commenting at every opportunity. Enjoy yorselves boys. Your time will come… someday … I hope.

  9. Mick
    Ever wonder why Marvin Austin’s Jersey should be retired at ELEVEN ACC stadiums.
    Ever wonder why so many people click on carolinasucks.com.
    The UNC fanbase is the most obnoxious group to deal with around this state.
    Only 2 professional sports fan bases are even close to being this aggrevating.
    NY Yankees and Dallas Cowboys are often the same people as UNC fans.
    Do you ever wonder about that?

  10. Nope. You see, as I said above, I wouldnt waste my time with that thought ptocess. That is a complete and total ABC kinda stat. Since I am not a Yankee or Cowboy fan I guess I am that lone exception that makes your rule (right?).

    But I do know what all of those entities have in common? ….. W – I – N – N- – I – N – G
    But, thanks for the set up though.

    Wasnt it you who strongly predicted a whole host of sanctions for UNC? How did that turn out?

    I believe your logic to be circular as I think you find Carolina fans obnoxious because you hate UNC and around and around we go. To be honest, I think ABC ers are wasting their energy and are kind of sad. Headshingly sad… bordering on pathetic. But it is their choice and it is a relatively good time to be an ABC kinda guy so enjoy your lifestyle choice while it lasts.

    Now you guys get back to being Duke fans while basketball season is still in. Because it has been my experience that Duke fans are really just Duke basketball fans. Ever wonder about that?

  11. IC ,

    I do know what all those entities have in common…. WINNING. Which is the real reason ABCers exist afterall.

    I do not concede that – “NY Yankees and Dallas Cowboys are often the same people as UNC fans” I think that is an ABC fake stat.

    I think ABCers find Carolina fans obnoxious because they hate Carolina and around and around the merry go round goes.

    I find it odd that ABcers have a carolinasux website but that in itself is apparently not considered obnoxious.

    So, in short, no I do not wonder about any of that stuff because that is an ABC thing to do. Seems like wasted energy to me.

    Now all you Dookies get back to basketball season. Your one sports season will be over before you know it. Because I have noticed that Dook fans are typically really just Dook basketball fans. Ever wonder about that?

    Moderator, just keep the other post in the can but I would like an explanation. You have my email.

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