Tuesday’s Top HS Scoring Performers


1. Valarie Beal: Wesleyan: 22 pts
2. Ercia Olerich: Eastern Guilford: 21 pts
Sylvia Bass:Southern Guilford: 21 pts
Zhan Greer: Smith: 21 pts
3. Kierra McIvor: Dudley: 20 pts
Brenna Garris: Smith: 20 pts
4. Leslie Norman: Northeast Guilford: 19 pts
5. Carnique Marks: Western Guilford: 18 pts
6. Roxanne Henshall: Grimsley:17 pts
Monica Ladd: Calvary Baptist: 17 pts
7. Miranda Jenkins: Eastern Guilford: 16 pts
Michelle Williams: Northwest Guilford: 16 pts
Alexis Keiser: Calvary Baptist: 16 pts
8. Desiree Drayton: Dudley: 15 pts
Ronata Rogers: GDS: 14 pts
9. Kamille Horne: Southern Guilford: 13 pts
Amber Hayes: Wesleyan: 13pts
Tiana Bowden: Grimsley: 13 pts
10. Erin Caldwell: Calvary Baptist: 12 pts
*****Cedrica Gibson’s 28 was in previous player post for Providence Day game from Monday….*****


1. Jacquel Richmond: Wesleyan: 20 pts
2. Tracy Gathings: Smith: 18pts
3. Bryce Benjamin: Northeast Guilford: 16 pts
Tyquan Roberts: Ragsdale: 16 pts
4. Ryan Doerr: Northwest Guilford: 15 pts
Montrel Goldston: Grimsley: 15 pts
5. Deuce Bello: Westchester: 14 pts
Jeremy Gaddy: Eastern Guilford: 14 pts
Keaton Haack: Northwest Guilford: 14 pts
Darian Jones: Smith: 14 pts
Jaxon Randolph: Ragsdale: 14 pts
Diante Baldwin: Western Guilford: 14 pts
6. Brandon Hairston: Eastern Guilford: 13 pts
S. Davis: Southern Guilford: 13 pts
7. Ike Nwamu: Westchester: 12 pts
Travon Woods: Grimsley: 12 pts
Josh Level: Westchester: 12 pts
K. Shaw: Northeast Guilford: 12 pts
Duncan Everett: Northwest Guilford: 12 pts
A. Sherrod: Southern Guilford: 12 pts
M. Calvin: Southern Guilford: 12 pts
8. Neal Spinks: Western Guilford: 11 pts
Tyler Ross: Calvary: 11 pts
9. Jake Mulvey: Grimsley: 10 pts


  1. I think we had her on an earlier list from this week for her efforts in the Providence Day game….I will have to double-check….


  2. I did the double-check and she scored 28 back over the weekend and then 28 again on Monday vs. Providence…Good job and thanks again for the note….

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