Area scoring and rebounding leaders…

This gives a good idea of what is going up and coming back down and some schools only reported 3-4 games and we need more than that to get some king of accurate numbers…..

1 Reggie Dillard Dudley 19.7
2 Jordan Hanner Southwest Guilford 18.6
3 Terrell Leach Southwest Guilford 16.9
4 Benaiah Wise Ragsdale 14.5
5 Tracy Gathings Ben L. Smith 13.9
6 Jalen Ford HP Andrews 13.7
7 Derek Grant High Point Central 13.1
8 Tyquan Roberts Ragsdale 12.8
9 Bryce Benjamin Northeast Guilford 12.4
10 Alex Smith HP Andrews 11.8

1 Sharwyn McGee Ragsdale 10.9
2 Andrew Bostic Southwest Guilford 10.6
3 Tracy Gathings Ben L. Smith 9.1
4 Tyquan Roberts Ragsdale 8.3
5 Keaton Haack Northwest Guilford 6.7
6 Brandon Clyburn Dudley 5.8
7 Parris Scales Northeast Guilford 5.8
8 Mike Breeden Southwest Guilford 5.1
9 Jamie Cunningham Southern Guilford 5.0
10 Terrell Leach Southwest Guilford 4.9


  1. I am surprised that there is no one on this list scoring 20 plus pts per game and only 3 above 15 pts per game. There are only 5 players with 6 plus rebounds per game. If these are the best results available when you consider how bad the high school play is in this area,then this is a poor statement about the level of basketball being played in this area. I also noticed that there were no private school players on this list. ORMA, Westchester and even GDS should have someone or multiple players for such a list. What about the girls – I know there are multiple girls with better stat’s than what I am reading here.

  2. Some schools report their numbers and some don’t….Not really enough girls high schools have reported to make it a valid list….You can see the listings at the MaxPreps spot at the bottom of this page and the home page….

  3. too bad EG is not on maxpreps cause Butch Huffman would be #1 or #2 and Hairston would be in top 5. How can we get these guys stats posted by a reliable source?

  4. Will all coaches for girls and boys please get your information in so that it can please be posted correctly. Please do not send in anything that is made up. Make sure that it is game by game documented.

    Points, Rebounds, Assists, Steals, Blocks

    If your imformation is not posted in the news papers, please be sure to send it here. It will eliminate a lot of what about this? or What about that?

    Accurate and precise information eliminates emotional tirades.


  5. @ interesting list –
    your comments seem to suggest that you are a private school supporter. You bring up two points. One being scoring numbers and two you suggest bad play locally. A couple points to consider:

    If the private schools updated their results on maxpreps, I suspect Chris Jones would be near the top (if not the top). Possibly Mitch Oates and Jordan Weethee (HPCA), Montay and Jaquelle (Wesleyan), Deuce and Ike (WCDS), Ahmad Simon and Corbin Duncan (Shining Light) would be top to middle.

    If you notice I did not mention any GDS players. It is not that they are not good/great players but it is that their system typically plays 1-10 players significant minutes and they stress defense. Most days you see many different players in the box scores. I could be wrong but I believe they just beat FCD with no one scoring in double digits.

    The problem with looking at scoring alone is that most of the private schools don’t have football. This ties to your second comment about poor play. All of the county schools can look for those lock down defenders and tough rebounders from their football program. Look at Page with Summers, Stutts at Western, Travon Woods and DJ Reader at Grimsley. I could go on and name football players at just about every school. Most of the coaches use these football conditioned athletes to lock down other teams top scoring options. This may cause what you call “poor play” in this area. The 20 point per game players are the ones that can play through this on a consistent basis. Guys like Chris Jones and Reggie Dillard have the game that can do it. This is what makes them high level DI targets.

    As a general rule, you will see higher scoring averages at the private level due to the large disparity in competition however I do believe that most of the local privates do a good job of seeking out competitive schedules.

    I believe Andy’s emphasis on highlighting the key basketball stats is good for the local area. They do it in other areas of the state and we do it in other sports here.

    I will make a prediction here and you can say you read it here first on Greensboro


    Why do I say this you ask? Two reasons –

    Maxpreps is owned by CBS Sports. They have even begun to move down to tracking JV teams. With CBS having such a huge tie to college basketball sports, it is only a matter of time before this information is integrated into the necessary parts of college basketball.

    The second reason is that all kids like to visit sites like this and like Maxprep and see where they stand. If all things are equal, I’m going to the school where I can track my progress and help my recruiting chances by pointing coaches to my numbers.

    Don’t get me wrong, college coaches are still going to make their decisions by seeing players live but having some supporting data as to where to spend the recruiting time sure will help as the data becomes more reliable.

    I made a prediction about 4 years ago that nationally private schools would be the primary system for feeding colleges for basketball players. We are almost there if not there already.

    Andy, keep up the good job of supporting all the local players, private and public.

  6. Andy
    Lets make sure stats are official from LEGIT coaching staff and wanna be professionals. There
    are many!

    @ Curious: Why was it necessary to put down one kid by name (Dillard) to up lift
    the other (Huffman)? You could simply have asked to add (Huffman) to the list.

    Too bad … there are always PEOPLE like you. One in every crowd! Remember, PEOPLE like
    you… THESE ARE KIDS!

  7. I think the best deal is stick to one source and have all the coaches send their info to MaxPreps and when they do, we can have one universal list with the privates and publics combined, if everyone responds…..

    I for one am here to lift up Dillard and Huffman….And all the others in between….We just need to all get on down to the MaxPreps Place and in the future we may have to start our on list, but it does get very tough for all the ooaches to keep sending their info on in….

    I can tell you this, the Ragsdale coaches have done an excellent job in football and basketball over the past several years of keeping things up to date…Let’s all follow their lead and get the “Eye of the Tiger”….

    Southern Guilford has been doing better too…I don’t think many of you would have known who Jamie Cunningham was this year if the Storm hadn’t sent in his numbers starting back with football season….

    We are posting, let’s all get to the spots with the stats….

  8. Baller:

    That’s worth repeating OVER and OVER and OVER again. Weak competition for sure or
    lack of team concept. The question is what are you doing for your TEAM? Not much! They
    make you look good!

    Everybody out there hearing this?

  9. To Baller – you obviously have not seen much basketball if you are making statements such as “kids do not average 20 a game unless they play very weak competition in high school”. When PJ averaged nearly 30 pts a game last year in the metro 4A and against Danville, Kinston and the state playoffs was that weak competition. When Chris over at ORMA is averaging around 20 pts per game but I guess ORMA playing 5 or 6 national teams is weak competition. The point guard over at FCD is averaging over 20 pts per game but I guess they are playing weak competition in the 3A conference for private schools which has at least 25 D1 players between their nearly 12 schools. There are also several ladies that could score 20 pts per night if they wanted – from Dudley the young lady going to Charlotte, Paris from Page, and the young lady over at Eastern just to name a few.

  10. There is no way Huffman is averaging more than 19.7 pts a game. You can go back and look at most of the write ups from EG’s games and figure that out. Not sure who is keeping the stats. He is having a great season, just not averaging 20 pts a game. Which I might add he shouldn’t considering he is the point guard and thats not his job.

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