No more NASCAR on TQR as 104 loses Aunt Eloise and now racing: What’s gone wrong in the Country as WSJS takes over and FOX wants shorter races….

No more NASCAR on WTQR 104FM….WSJS 600AM will have the entire Sprint Cup racing schedule for 2011 and what has gone wrong down in the Country?????

WTQR used to be Racin’ and Racin’ was WTQR…..Just like Wrasslin’ was Johnny Weaver and Ric Flair….What is going on around these here parts….Car parts and racing on the radio are really changin’…They have gone from a Real Racin’ Country Station to an AM staion that bills itself as the “Triad’s News Talk Radio Staion”….I bet Junior Johnson is about ready to jump back in his grave….Aunt Eloise was gravely ill and WTQR ran her out of town and she wound up in Galax, Virginia…..Mark Levin and Dennis Miller will be checking your tires this season and the rear pressure is looking a bit LOW……This is like going back to regular gas and Quaker State 10w10….

And over in Turn Two we have more after the end of Racin’ on 104…..

FOX Televison executives were saying earlier today that the races are running too long and they want to shorten them to less than 3 hours in length…….

I did not see or hear one NASCAR race last year or the year before that, for that matter, but I still like to keep up with what is happening down at the track and we have always tracked what goes on in the world of sports on the radio and on TV….

Is NASCAR in BIG TROUBLE????? They have downgraded from FM to AM and now they want to shorten the races and Git R Done, all in the same day….If you can’t finish up on Sunday, you don’t go to Monday….Do whatever you can on Sunday and then load up the truck and head on home, is what the “Top Dogs” at FOX are saying….

NASCAR is gone from WTQR…..No more NASCAR on TQR…..Is this a good move or just one of the parties involved, putting on the brakes this year and then maybe 104FM will get back in the race next season….

Ever since Aunt Eloise left local radio, things just haven’t been the same…”The Incredible 7:30″ was gone, Elosie got run out of town and then TQR pullled the spark plugs on NASCAR……

I bet you that new program director over at 104 WTQR, Jeff Cushman, is getting ready to bring Formula One Racin’ to that station….The next thing you know, Cushman will be pulling Grandpa Jones and even George Jones from the WTQR playlist….What’s a short-haired Country Boy to do????? Cushman is the Comish and he is bringing on a new dish, and it won’t be fried possum on a plate….

George Jones said, “The Race is on”……But when you check all the gauges and the oil light is “ON”, country folks……..THE RACE IS OVER

CLICK HERE for today’s NASCAR News release from the Greensboro News and Record…..

This ought to close out our coverage, but wait, is that a “Mirage Garage” I see over there…….