Who is responsible? Is it the kid or the coach?(My Coach Sucks!)

My Coach Sucks……..

In this educational basketball video, the kid is talking about his game and he says he in not any good cause his coach sucks…..It is his coach’s fault, cause his coach sucks….Give this a look and listen and then maybe ask yourself, “where have I heard talk like this before” and who is responsible for your development or your kid’s development….Part of that responsibility lies with the kid and how hard he is really willing to work…..

CLICK HERE to the view video….Some of the language is not what we would tolerate on daily basis, but it is very clear, that really does hit home…….


  1. Thanks for posting this Andy.
    I got it sent to me in an email yesterday.
    It is just amazing how much crap these kids absorb from non school coaches, their peers and their parents. The basketball coach at my school actually discourages AAU participation due to having to “Unteach” all the bad habits that his players learn there. This is a major problem in education today. Obviously everyone has been to school. They all think they can teach better than those trained to do so. All parents of athletic kids have all at least watched sports on TV whether they played or not so therefore they think they can coach better than experienced professionals.It is a viscious cycle that is very hard to break and the kids unfortunately are the losers.

  2. I agree. The problem is that the parents think they know more than the coaches. They are willing to let an AAU coach guide their child’s future when these coaches don’t even teach the fundamentals of the game. Their are some very good AAU coaches out there, but there are a lot of them that simply roll the balls out.
    Parents, let the coaches coach and just enjoy you child’s high school career.

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