The Real Roy speaks out and says, “I’m sorry”, to the fans

Some are calling this The Roy Story of the Week…..See what you think after reading the coach’s comments…..

North Carolina Basketball Coach Roy Williams on criticizing the fans during his radio show last week, saying at the time, “the fans should just keep their mouths shut and keep all their comments to themselves”….

“I wish I had not said one word. I wish that I would have just kept swallowing it. I hate that I said that. What I hate even more is that I categorized people when I said ‘fans,’ because our fans don’t upset me. My gosh, the fans in the Smith Center this year have been unbelievable. They’ve helped us in games. North Carolina fans have just been phenomenal.

The coach has stepped up and he has stepped out and he has spoken out about “Roy Williams Live” CLICK HERE to read all from Coach Williams….


  1. Ha Ha what a bunch of Horse S##t He has done this on more than 1 occasion(hope i spelled it wright) Him being a coach in the spotlight says these things, he should know better, I’m sure we all say things we don’t mean at times when things are not going our way, well roy you need to think about the position your in. Stop you’re bit##ing and get your ball team playing better, don’t do the radio show if you cant handle the fans, stop worrying about the people who attend the games and where they sit and say , just handle it, and deal with it, by the way Ol-Roy this ain’t Kansas,If you can’t handle call dorthoy or Toto, and yes Im a UNC Fan.

  2. This is the “Real Roy” as in Real McCoy…….This is as real as real can get….Almost Roy Thinnes-type real…….

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