Greensboro Day over highly-ranked Rabun Gap tonight

Greensboro Day beat the #5 ranked 3A private school team this evening – Rabun Gap.

Rabun Gap, from Rabun Gap, Georgia and this team was (16-4) coming to Greensboro, having fell 74-58 to Christ School on Friday night in Asheville…

History on Rabun Gap:
Rabun Gap — Nacoochee School (RGNS) is a small, private college preparatory school located in Rabun County, Georgia in the Appalachian Mountains.

Rabun Gap has a cirque study, with classes in trampoline, trapeeze, and other circus-related studies….


  1. GDS and High Point Christian have both been in the top 5 for most of the season. HPCA just dropped to 6 i think after losing to Westchester. Good win for GDS.

  2. Rabun Gap has an endowment of roughly $100 million, which makes that school wealthier than any single school in North Carolina. They probably have a lot more than circus classes — lots of Atlanta $$$ there.

  3. Wow is right! We totally dominated this team. It is hard to believe they are the #3 ranked team. We are really coming together as a team. Not sure we can beat Christ School but feeling better than I did. I believe we can beat OaK Ridge because we can dominate them with our inside game. They are quicker, but we play smarter and are better coached.

  4. GDS is a very well coached and good team.

    I would have to put both Oak Ridge and Westchester ahead of GDS in a poll. 1 – until someone beats Oak Ridge even though they aren’t in the private school association they deserve to be #1. 2 – until 1 of local schools such as a HP Christian or GDS beats Westchester they deserve to be #2 since they have the most talented team in the Piedmont Triad.

    The 3a private school rankings are…
    1 – Christ School
    2 – Ravenscroft
    3 – Charlotte Christian
    4 – Greensboro Day
    5 – Rabun Gap
    6 – HP Christian
    7 – Forsyth Country Day
    8 – High Point Wesleyan
    9 – Providence Day
    10 – Cary Academy
    11 – North Raleigh Christian
    12 – Charlotte Country Day

  5. Dale,
    You make me wanna puke! now all of sudden that Oak Ridge lost 2 top 50 d1 commits, you are talking crap about beating them?? Get a life Dale, they would still beat u by 20, all u have to do is call them and schedule this game, oh…. you all are still scared, my bad! Unreal the hype u give these guys after one descent win! # 3 private school? give me a break, take a look at Oak Ridges schedule and results then give me something to talk about, honestly Dale, they would be about 8-16 playing Oak Ridges schedule. BTW, didnt u guys lose to UPR? the same team ORMA beat by 30 without Jones and Lawson! Let it go, get use th the fact that ORMA is the new sheriff in town!

  6. Dale, you are a head case. Do you sit back and watch each week to see if and when Oak Ridge will go down? Do you hate them that much? Face it, they have a great program and go everywhere to play everyone willing to play them. Unfortunately, you cannot say that about your so called great GDS team. If GDS is better, put ORMA on the scedule, then we all could see. Oh, I’m sorry, GDS won’t play ORMA. HMMMMM

  7. Rabun Gap was number and that was more due to some other teams hitting a tough part of the schedule. ORMA would beat GDS by 20 plus. HPCA was able to play ORMA as well as they did, basically a half each game, is that they have a guard that can create under pressure. GDS doesnt have that. Plus ORMA is very good defensively. Say what you want about Stan, but he has a very good team.

  8. Just curious on how Rabun Gap gets ranked among all the North Carolina schools when they are in Georgia….Is Georgia just their mailing address or do they play cross over state lines and play in the North Carolina private school association….

    What Stan the Man is saying can be seen at

  9. Andy, the NCISAA is unique in that it does in fact allow for out-of-state membership. There are currently three schools from outside NC in the NCISAA — Rabun Gap, Spartanburg Day, and Shannon Forest (from Greenville, SC). About 15 years ago, both Hammond School and Heathwood Hall from Columbia, SC were in the NCISAA. For the SC teams, it pretty much boils down to travel time. Many of the SC private schools are down near the coast, and for the schools in the “Upstate”, it would be incredibly time-consuming and expensive to maintain those trips. For Rabun Gap, it is a bit different, though geography plays a part. Up until the last two years, there was an organization called the GISA, which was primarily made up of GA private school teams from outside the Atlanta area. The Atlanta private schools played in the GHSA with other public schools. Georgia goes up to 5-A, and most of the private schools play in the 1-A classification (Westminster of Atlanta plays 3-A, Woodward, Lovett, and St. Pius X play 2-A, for example). Rabun Gap, for whatever reason, did not wish to play in the GHSA, which would have guaranteed it local competition in the form of public schools in the area. Joining the GISA would have been the same as the Upstate SC schools having to go south to find competition. So Rabun Gap petitioned the NCISAA and was admitted. They play in the same conference with the SC schools and the private schools in Asheville. Must be a lot of long, hilly drives during the conference season.

  10. dale fulton stop hating and get off the crack.we would enjoy playing gds and add on win total.then again it wouldn’t help you get off crack pipe.

  11. Next Sunday’s N&R front page headline– Fulton Arrested for Crack Possession!

    Dale Fulton was arrested last night upon leaving Dillard gymnasium for possession of crack
    cocaine. Mr. Fulton, a 33 year old Greensboro resident started using crack recently after learning that his retirement fund had been used to purchase real estate, diapers, tee shirts, and landscaping services for a well-known investment advisor in Greensboro, NC. Mr. Fulton was released on $1 bail, which will allow him to attend the Oak Hill versus OaK Ridge Military basketball game. Mr. Fulton declined to comment and referred all questions to the law firm “Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe”.

  12. “Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe” —-> LOL

    I don’t care who you are, that is funny right there.

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