High School Baseball Tonight for 3/7/11: This just in(It was COLD!)

Northeast Guilford 4
Southeast Guilford 3

WP:Luis Paula
Save:Harrison Phillips
LP:Craig Jacobelli

JV Game:

Varsity numbers:
NEG-4 runs on 4 hits and 2 errors…
SEG-3 runs on 5 hits and three errors…

NEG hitting:
Joisel Colon 1-3 with a single and two runs scored…
Jaylin Davis BB and one run scored…
Johnny Brown HBP and one run scored…
Jacob McCann 2-3 with 2 singles…
Caleb McCann 1 RBI…
Jordan Brown 1-1 with a single…
NEG pitching:Luis Paula 5 innings with 3 runs on 5 hits and 10 K’s and 3 BB’s….
Harrison Phillips worked 2 innings with 0 runs on 0 hits and 2 K’s…

SEG hitting:
Colby Keene 3-3 with two singles and a double….
Blake Butler 1-3 with an RBI and one run scored…
Dallas Newton 1-3 with a double and one run scored…
Josh Tobias BB, SB and one run scored…
SEG pitching:Craig Jacobelli 5 innings with 4 runs on three hits and 7 K’s and 3 BB’s….
Dylan Shutt worked 1 inning with 0 runs on 1 hit and 1 K….


  1. From the pics, it appears there needs to be a throwing and CATCHING clinic. Or were balls just falling from the sky!

  2. Baseball fan, i thought the same thing. Most fans think a great game is a close one, but really a great game should be well played and close. With at least three misplayed fly balls hopefully included in the 5 errors, it could not have been a great game. There were a ton of great players on both teams hard to believe that it was not better baseball.

    Any Southeast guys have stats so far on Tobias, I figured with the current state of high school baseball he would hit two Hrs a game, unless the coaches are smart enough not to pitch to him. I also heard that Justin Reece is not playing much at Southeast – this kid is a stud, and considering Southeast took 11 innings to beat Northern in one game, and lost to a team that dropped 3 pop ups – he may be able to help them win – there is no way Southeast has 9 better players then him, if they do, they better win the state championship!

  3. The pitching was very solid by both teams last night, from the starters(Paula-NEG/Jacabelli-SEG) and from the bullpen(Phillips-NEG/Shutt-SEG)…..The cold might have had a lot to with the overall play if it was sketchy in places…..The fly ball to Caleb McCann(NEG) and to Dallas Newton(SEG) were sky high and in the cold night air up there, well…..Josh Tobias got up under a few balls that never came down and he will get it down as the year moves on and it gets warmer…..Reece will see more time, he is a very good player…..Tight game, but early on it was not pretty…..But again, you have to give some of the major credit to the pitchers. In the cold, they were bringing in some good stuff…..

    Good game to watch, would love to see the same matchup again later in the year, in about 75 degree temps with the sun shining instead of the moon….No bad rap on the younger kids, but I wish they would play all the JV games at the opposite from the Varsity games and they could start all the Varsity games at least by 6pm…..JV game was a good one and tight at 2-1 SEG….

    I have seen NEG play two times now in the 2-1 win at NWG and now the 4-3 win vs. SEG….Good impression to be winning these very close and competitive games here early in the season….Haven’t seen Jaylin Davis pitch yet, but Paula and Phillips are for real….Colon pulled his shoulder out of joint in his last at bat last night, and we hope he is OK today……

    Solid efforts on a cold Monday night from both NEG and SEG….

  4. Good pitching generally wins games. Last night I witnessed good pitching. Both coaches probably feel good about that aspect of the game. The defense was poor and so was the hitting.

    ps. as for “me too says” trying to start turmoil? Must be a parent or friend whose only purpose is to start internal problems. The season is early.

  5. Hey KC, I am the parent and insulted by your comments that a parent must have posted it. You don’t know me and we don’t represent ourselves like that. I didn’t even know there was such a posting until someone else pointed it out to me. Those that know us know we do not need to “talk” about our son unlike some parents that have an over inflated opinion of their childs athletic ability, and don’t miss a chance to tell you about it. I believe that actions speak louder than words and I have no need to tell you about my sons level of baseball skills. Those things come out on the field so to say the parent posted such is irresponsible. He either will or won’t get it done on the field, and it won’t be because I made a post. I appreciate the support of Justin and there have been several that have a genuine interest in him throughout the area. I really appreciate that and you all know who you are. If he is not good enough to be on the field as a regular starter right now then he needs to go back to work. We support SE baseball 100% regardless of the number innings my son does or doesn’t play, and have no interest in stirring up internal turmoil. We have a good team and expect to go a long way this year. Internal turmoil is started by those that don’t know what they are talking about. Oh yea and by the way my initials are Scott Reece .

  6. Scott Reece,
    I would like to offer a public apology. I had trouble sleeping last night after reading my previous post. I did not proof read my writings before I hit “send”. PARENT, should never been in there. I do believe you would never write a post like that. I witness what you and your family does for Southeast, and I thank-you. I know your son’s talents and abilities. I read these posts often and do believe individuals are out there who start turmoil. I reacted and responded w/o thinking. For this, I am trully sorry. I will personally talk to you and apologize. This will be my last post in the “Greensboro Sports. Com”.

  7. I have to commend KC for your public apology. We have a great group of parents and players at SEGHS. Scott, you shouldn’t have to defend yourself or your child. Very well said though!

    All players, even the professionals, have off days. The catching errors from both teams were just that; along with the no hitting. Just because someone is not starting or playing does not mean they are not good enough.

    And to “baseballfan”; obviously you are perfect. Yes, I am the parent of one of the players whose picture was in the paper and proud of it! I feel for both boys who were singled out. But as we teach our children; “you have to take the bad with the good and move on”! Being negative is more contageous than being positive. And there is always someone who is going to try to brinig you down! I can honestly say the picture in the paper nor your negative comments phased my son and I hope that it didn’t the other player.

    Andy, thank you for covering the area high school sports. Keep up the good work.

    Stephanie Newton

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