Running like a “scalded dog”…..

The Guilford Conunty sheriff, BJ Barnes, is being criticized publicly for his recent choice of words, when he said that the new sheriff patrol cars would run like “scalded dogs”….That means the vehicles will move really fast, as anyone that has ever seen a dog take off running after getting hit with hot/warm water or hot/warm grease will know….I don’t have a problem with the BJ Barnes’ choice of words….

It is just a saying, that car or that character(person) took off, or can take off running like a “scalded dog”…..This is just a phrase used to describe something that can move quickly and it is pretty much a term from the past…..We don’t see too many housewives throwing the dishwater on an old dog laying around on the back porch these days….The old chicken grease is usually recycled at the Bojangles or the KFC in 2011, but you used to see the dogs getting a lick or two off of the grease, or the water back in the day, if they moved quick enough or sometimes they would get it, if they didn’t move fast enough….

Was the sheriff politically correct in using that “scalded dog” term? Again, I don’t have a problem with it and it didn’t register with me, that Sheriff BJ Barnes had been scalding dogs…..What’s the big deal here? Are the local dog lovers equating BJ Barnes with Michael Vick?

I’m not from Hooterville or Bug Tussle, but I have seen plenty of dogs moving like they have been scalded and it was not always from a pan of hot water or maybe some of that leftover chicken grease….Maybe it was from hearing a gun shot at close range, or maybe a shoe or boot that was banged on the ground or the sidwalk…..

There are plenty of things that can get a dog moving and they have all been around for years…..There will be cases where a dog might get scalded or he might even get shot, and sometimes it happens with the K-9 unit animals when they are on the job…..

There is still a big difference in a dog getting his with hot water and a dog getting set on fire…..

I can say I feel sorry for the dogs, but this happens with humans too, and today we have a problem spending too much time trying to protect these animals and you have to remember, they are animals and many of them live outside, as they should and remember, they need to be outside…..

If we spent as much time worrying about our homeless humans that are out in the cold and on the streets as we do these lost and “scalded dogs”, then we might be able to get our priorities in order….What’s more important, a loose/lost dog running wild without a home or a loose/lost human that doesn’t have a home??? We spend so much time worrying about the dogs and not enough time looking our for mankind…….Dog is supposed to be man’s best friend, but your brother on the street, is your brother in the human race and he needs a bone too……

The Case of the Scalded Dog…..(from this week’s News and Record’s letters to the editor)

Sheriff BJ Barnes has just announced Guilford County’s purchase of new law enforcement vehicles, at a total cost of almost $1 million. To help justify the purchase to the taxpayers, he claims the new cars will “run like scalded dogs.”
His was an unfortunate choice of words.

CLICK HERE to read more/all from the News and Record’s letter to the editor…..


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