The return of the “Big Mo Show”

Was going miles and miles up and down the radio dial yesterday, looking for the different forms of ACC Basketball Tournament Coverage on the airwaves and I came across something at around 5:40pm, as I was sitting in my car in the parking lot down near the Central Library……

On Power 750AM, which is WAUG out of the Raleigh/New Hope area, I found a sports show and it was hosted by “Big Mo”…..Maurice “Big Mo” Stanfield, on ‘The Big Mo Show’…..CLICK HERE to check out Big Mo’s web site…..

Big Mo used to run the show over at ESPN Radio 1590 WYSR(High Point) back in the day….It was probably about 5-7 years ago when Big Mo had that show….Now he is on 5-6pm on Power 750AM and…..Power 750AM carries Saint Augustine University sports from the CIAA and Big Mo is doing those games too and he was just recently named, the CIAA Broadcaster of the Year….

The Big Mo Show is still on the go and now you know where to go get it……5-6pm on 750AM and let’s hope that the clouds down in New Hope/Raleigh area are aligned properly on the day you try and get the “Big Mo Show”….

In a previous life, “Big Mo” was on an FM Sports Talk station down in South Carolina, maybe WCCP and it was near Clemson, South Carolina and before that he was up in the Richmond, Virginia/Petersburg, Virginia area doing sports……

“Big Mo”, still on the go……..Check out his show on 750AM…..

If you start hitting 750AM at night, then you are going to end up with WSB Atlanta………


  1. You sir, most likely cannot handle “the truth”. Big Mo’, who I had the priveledge and great PLEASURE to work with in the late-90’s, IS a consumate professional as wel, as a “real person”…Rare INDEED in this biz.
    I mean, when was the last time you sat down in a small studio with the likes of Tiki Barber eh?

    I miss Mo’..Glad to hear he’s around!. AND can never thank him enough for allowing me to produce his show when he could’ve probably gotten a ton of more talented folks to do so. (Not to mention the fact, he let me pick his themesong, from the Rev Horton Heat!)

    IF you get this Mo, give me a shout…

    Bryan “The Rage” Keller

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