Private Schools Top Boys and Girls HS basketball players

Here is how the fans voting turned out for Top Private School basketball players and we did a Top Five for the boys and girls in the private schools and also had the POY’s……Just like with the public schools, we wanted to get the full coverage in and give these kids their props too…..

Mitchell Oates(High Point Christian Academy) [Player of the Year]
Jaquel Richmond(Wesleyan)
Jordan Robertson(Greensboro Day School)
Michael Neal(Oak Ridge Military Academy)
Brett Manning(Caldwell Academy)

Cedrica Gibson(Oak Ridge Military Academy) [Player of the Year]
Ronata Rogers(Greensboro Day School)
Janniina Koivunen(Oak Ridge Military Academy)
Valerie Beal(Wesleyan)
Sammi Goldsmith(Bishop McGuinness)


  1. Wow, no Deuce Bello on that list or even Ike Nwamu…come on now what kind of garbage list is this

  2. I know smith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i go to school with them and they are the ones with the state title not any of them wow come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The readers had to the chance to vote and we left it out there for almost a month……We got tons of votes on the public schools kids and it was unreal how the readers responded for the public school boys….You should have got the word out about Bello, everyone had an equal chance to voice their opinion at and these are the results of those responses……Congrats to the kids that got in and for others, start getting the word out, you need to get in to……The Westchester crew has been doing a real good of getting with us on their baseball news……Keep up the good work….

  4. I guess he will take AP all state over greensboro sports, just was wondering how it worked out…glad some of those guys got in some what of a spotlight

  5. Good call and in some circles we are a pretty big spotlight…..We have done well in some of the recent ratings….

  6. that would be me getting some of the baseball scores and stats!!!!!!!!! i used HR as the “name” for the comments

  7. deuce bello balled on under size guards who were slow yayy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he so good…

  8. @ wow – your meds are wearing off!
    1. Westchester played against some of the best teams in the country and one team from Germany so how are THOSE guards undersized or slow.
    2. Deuce and Ike played against 4 of the 5 winners and lost to only one
    3. When Plummer ran pg and Burton, Ingram, or Nwamu were on the game, Deuce played and guarded the small forward and sometimes the 4 so most of the time he didn’t even PLAY against any guards!
    So dead all that nonsense and look at the idiot in your mirror if you want to make a change. JFK said that! LOL!
    CONGRATULATIONS to all the student athletes on this list! It’s always good when the fans recognize and appreciate your hard work!

  9. Wow Congrats to all the players. This was a great season I enjoyed watching the guys play. My hat goes off to the kid Jaquel Richmond isn’t he a freshman? Thats good for him hanging in der with those seniors. Congrats man. Kid got a big future ahead of him.

  10. Besides Oak Ridge, and Quality Education, Westchester had the toughest schedule in the entire state which included some of the best guards in the nation(Alex Murphy-Nick Stauskas-Omar Calhoun-Torian Graham, list goes on). Can’t really help the fact that you HAVE to play 10 games in conference against less talented opponents. Check out Norcom VA- Christ School- Christ the King- St Marks- Ehingen/URspringschule-WOG-Kiski

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