North Carolina High School Coaches to Speak at WCBA National Convention During the NCAA Women’s Final Four

Varsity Girls Basketball Coaches Brian Robinson of Bishop McGuinness in Kernersville and Hamilton Perkins of River Mill Academy in Graham, have been selected to speak at the WBCA National Convention, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The National Convention will feature business meetings, panel discussions, coaching clinics, the WBCA High School All-America Game, and the excitement of the NCAA Women’s Final Four.

The two local coaches and their teams faced each other this season, in the Class 1-A Western Regional Finals at UNC-G’s Fleming Gym, where Bishop McGuinness defeated River Mill 64-57.

Robinson went on the lead Bishop McGuinness to a record-tying sixth consecutive State Championship with a 26-6 overall record, while Perkins’ River Mill squad finished the season with a 36-2 record.

Robinson and Perkins are two of nine high school coaches, scheduled to speak at the Convention.


  1. Wow, we are going to be represented at the national convention by a private school playing public school ball and a charter school. What are they going to talk about, the advantages of having no attendance zone. Building a program through AAU and bringing the girls to your high school that way. Taking advantage of things other schools in your classification can’t do because they are public schools. What a shame. I’m sure they are both good coaches but put them in a public school and see if they can achieve the same success playing by the rules everyone else plays by.

  2. Coach Robinson would be successful wherever he would coach. He teaches the game the correct way. Fundamentals and team work are what you see with his teams. I have no affiliation with Bishop McGuinness, but I know good basketball when I see it.

  3. Both of them have coached at traditional public schools before.

    It’s a well-known fact that Coach Robinson coached the boys and Starmount from 1998-2002. In high demand for his great knowlege and expertise, Brian Robinson has spoken at many college coaching clinics. He also serves on the All-American Selection Committee.

    Coach Perkins coached the girls at Bartlett Yancey from 1994-1999, where he had multiple twenty-win seasons.

    Being a Clinician at the National Convention is a tremendous honor. We should simply congratulate our two area coaches, for representing North Carolina on the national level!

  4. I have watched 1A and 2A schools all over this state play with great players who don’t live in their county much less their district, and they just pay a few hundred dollars and go to whatever public school they want unlike at McGuinness where they have to pay eight or nine thousand without any scholarships. McGuinness has all kinds of strict rules they have to follow including strict transfer rules. The rules they have to go by are far more stringent than the public schools in their classification. I have seen both of these schools play and they execute as well as any teams I have seen. If you don’t like the rules or think it is unfair then fine. But don’t trash the coaches who clearly are good coaches.

  5. Misconceptions and mistruths seem to spread like wild fire when a small school has a coach and team that shines. River Mill is very proud and honored to have Hamilton Perkins as the varsity coach. Most of the girls playing under this coach have been at River Mill since elementary school. Sorry to disappoint anyone who thinks they were recruited………Both coaches are worthy of recognition. Don’t try and belittle their achievements! Koudos to the comment.

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