Grand Slam Home Run Jackpot

This should create some fan interest here at the site and at the Greensboro Grasshoppers’ home games this season, in our “Lucky 7th Inning Grand Slam Home Run Jackpot”……

All you need to do is pick a Greensboro Grasshopper that you think will hit a Grand Slam Home Run in the top of the 7th inning and you will win $10,000…..We will have the forms ready to fill out by opening night and if the Grasshopper that you choose hits a Grand Slam Home Run in the Top of the 7th inning, then you take home $10,000…..

Contest only for Hopper home games with your Hopper at the plate in the Top of the 7th inning…..

Sounds like a winner to me….GOOD LUCK!!!


  1. That is a sweet pot!
    It doesn’t have to be just the leadoff hitter, though, right?
    It can be any Grasshopper in the top of the 7th?

    Good luck to all of us!!!!!!!!
    [I will listen to the games on shortwave, just so I don’t miss any chances!]

  2. Right you are and we will also be heard on Japanese radio this season as Sadahara Oh’s cousin, my old buddy Hung Chow is going to come over and help me out with the broadcast…..We should make a good team and again, good luck to all the contestants…..You can start picking up your registration forms soon at the old Cheap Joe’s Jeans Store on High Point Road…..We hope to have them at Dadio’s Disco the week of the first game

  3. Donnie Baseball has always been a “fan favorite”……He has been with us since the early 80’s and his contract is coming up for renewal and I just hope the Dodgers don’t try to steal him from us….Brooklyn has always had it in for us and they might just try and burn us by stealing Mattingly…..

  4. Leave it to Crooklyn to try an’ stealz Donnie Baseball! Fiends!
    We could steal something from them, but I can’t think of anything they have that we want.

  5. Top of the 7th with the home team at bat ehhhh…sounds like someone has been drinkin the kool aid.

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