More from the Phenom Hoops Report coming out of the Carolina Challenge with Pinson(ORMA), Level(WCDS), Outlaw(Roxboro) and a Cody Hylton bonus….

Courtesy of Rick Lewis at the Phenom Hoops Report, with details on area kids coming out of Dave Telep’s Carolina Challenge, held on March 26 at Raleigh Ravenscroft…..Ravenscroft famous for turning out Ryan Kelly, who we saw hit for 57 points at the Greensboro Coliseum vs. Northern Guilford a few years back and Rick Lewis also has some insight on Cody Hylton from NWG, coming out of a recent Phenom Hoops Showcase at Forsyth Country Day School, home of All-State guard Tyler Lewis and others…..Tyrone Outlaw may just be the son or nephew of the original Tyrone Outlaw, that came out of Roxboro, back in the early to mid-90’s and he was headed to N.C. State, before he got sidetracked…..Here’s today’s report……

Theo Pinson – 6’5″, 170 SG (2014 – Oak Ridge) – Just looking at Pinson’s
frame gets people in basketball excited. At 6’5″ and a wingspan that goes
for days, there’s no telling how tall TP will be in three years time. At
this moment in time the young SG (WF?) is flashing a fairly consistent
stroke from deep and above average ball handling. Continued honing of his
perimeter skills and a couple more inches, which seems inevitable when you
look at the kid, could mean Pinson could fill any number of needs for a
high-major college coach. Quincy Miller-like upside? That being said,
Pinson is a very unselfish (team first) player, which is an unusual
character trait of someone so young and talent. (Commitment: Open)

Josh Level – 6’4″, 190 SF (2014 – Westchester Country Day, High Point, NC) –
Level has really grown into his body over the last year and he’s now reaping
the benefits against high level competition. The freshman SF played well
above the rim at the CC and displayed a level of athleticism that was a
notch above most of the other ‘athletes’ in attendance. Finished with his
left hand through contact. Showed range out to 20′ spotting up. If he can
hit those shots off the dribble this time next year, he’ll shoot way up this
list. (Commitment: Open)

Tyrone Outlaw – 6’5″, 190 SF (2013 – Person, Roxboro, NC) – Rumblings of
early Duke Interest followed this sophomore into Gym 2 in the afternoon
session…so did a feathery jumper. Outlaw promptly buried a couple long
range bombs to open the game before settling into the Daytona 500 like pace
of play. Blended in a little after an initial flurry but stood out because
of his quick release. (Commitment: Open)

Player: 6’3 Cody Hylton(from the Phenom Hoops Showcase)

Hometown: Colfax, NC

High School: Northwest Guilford

Club Team:

Class: 2013

Phenom Hoop Report: LM

Hylton biggest strength is his ability to shoot the basketball, pure and
simple! He has solid fundamentals and an above average basketball IQ. As a
sophomore, he led his high school team in scoring with a 12 PPG and he
continues his stellar play on Sunday. In addition to be a deadly shooter
from the 3 point line, he has the ability to put the ball on the floor and
score off the dribble. Hylton sports a tremendous 3.7 GPA in the classroom
and his work is equal on the basketball court.


  1. Tyrone Outlaw is the son of the Tyrone Outlaw who originally signed with NC State back in the 90s. He’s not as tall as his dad, but he has had success in the classroom which means he has a pretty good chance of playing D1 ball unlike his dad who flitted around a couple of Jucos before landing in D2.

  2. Thanks Kenny, I felt for sure there had to be some direct relation/connection….I remember Outlaw when he played in the East-West HS All-Star game at the Greensboro Coliseum….He went up against Antawn Jamison, who went on to North Carolina and also Terrell McIntyre, who went to Clemson….Thanks for the verification…..

  3. I have been following the Outlaws (Tyrone Sr., Tyrone Jr., and Senior Akira ) for years now and I will go as far as to say that this family is all OUTSTANDING, sterile breed players, with great personality and sportsmanship. Akira Outlaw was selected along with her brother as MVP (2008-2010) she suffered a knee injury in 2010 and couldn’t finish the season out but has now returned and is taking her title back. Both Outlaw Sr (1990s) recruiting prospect and his son, Tyrone Outlaw Jr (2000) recruiting prospects are both rare talents, not commonally found anywhere. These two men have disguished proficiant skills that place them above other atheletes and has made them most valued than any other players in the state.
    Outlaw Sr placed #1 in the state in 1995, outplaying Antawn Jamison at Greensboro in the speciality game among other now NBA plays. Unfortunately, his academics did meet college requirements. If we had the programs for college prep as we do now we would be enjoying NBA games with Outlaw Sr starting in.
    Tyrone Outlaw Jr. has stolen the spotlight, appearing in Headlines across the Piedmont. His distiguished talent, ball handling skills, leadership abilities, and team inclusion characteristics places him above all other college recruit out there. Additionally, you will find a higher order cognitive playing strategy, that is natural, and has contributed majorly in leading his PAC-6 Person High “Rockets” to #1 in the division. The 6’7 190lbs Junior Kinetic (athlectism) and Logistic intelligence puts him at a 3.8 GPA and an average of 30 pts, 15 rebounds, 4 assists, 4 steals a game. His ability to play the game, take charge, and keep his team winning has attracted news reporters, radio representatives, college reporters (Vimeo), recruiters, spectators, and fans from various areas that keep gyms filled and profitable at PAC-6 games. It will be very interesting to see what the PAC-6 tournaments has in store for the sports fans.

  4. Tyrone Outlaw Jr. was selected MVP- Most Valuable Player in the Pac-6,and was recognized as the best player in the Division on Friday,Feburary 18, 2012. Many claim the is the best player in the state. I agree. The Pac-6 winners was Hillside High after fouling Tyrone Outlaw Jr. by hitting his arm, pushing and jumping on his body during the 3 point buzzer shot. The older tired referees never called most fouls because they were not physically fit enough to see the fouls accuately and was just ready to go. The plays were on one end of the court and the referees never made it there to see the fouls. I tournament games should be played at a neutral gym with younger non bais referees. Hillside didn’t win game because they were a better team but because there were alot of biasness going on.

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