N.C. State to announce Mark Gottfried as their new head men’s basketball coach today at 5pm

Heard the news on the Dave Glenn Show out of Raleigh and then started getting phone calls in rapid order, to make sure that everyone got the word, on the N.C. State hire and we got the word by phone, from some very reliable sources……I soon may be riding a tractor instead of a horse, as I hit the fields this spring for early planting season, not to be confused with the early recruiting season, although they are very much alike…..Got to make sure you got it right and I think we do this time at Greensborosports.com….On your Mark, get set….5pm and the name is Mark Gottfried….

N.C. State to announce Mark Gottfried as their new head men’s basketball coach today at 5pm….The former Alabama and Murray State coach will take over the Wolfpack program when he is announced as the new man in charge, in Raleigh, this afternoon at the press conference….

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Now as soon as that press conference is over, it is time to get to work and start making sure all the players that are on board at N.C. State currently, will be ready to go to war with you come next fall…..C.J. Leslie are you still in the mix, Ryan Harrow and Lorenzo Brown will you be staying in town and are you ready to play in the Chavis League this summer?????

Recruits, such as rising HS senior Tyler Lewis, at Forsyth Country Day School, are you still on board with us and are we still ready to connect with you….Some of the things that Mark Gottfried will have to start working on…..

I’m not telling the coach what to do, but I have followed this situation closely and I have a feel for what needs to be done….Can you say Director of Basketball Operations??? They need to consider me for that position…..

We hope all of this turns out to be a good thing, and it is completely possible, that Gottfried was high on the Wolfpack list from the get-go and the Pack and AD Debbie Yow tested the waters with inquiries to Barnes, Miller, Smart, Marshall and others just to see if there was any interest on their part….

No time to talk too much here, it is time to get to work….The Pack has a long way to go to catch up with Duke and North Carolina, before Coach K and Roy Williams retire…..Would love to catch them, before they step down and don’t let those guys step on you, on their way to the retirement center……

In case this all doesn’t work out, does anybody have Vinny Del Negro’s phone number?????

Very exciting day, at one time the Power was off and now the Power is back on, Pack Power, they are saying down in Raleigh…..We might still call it POWER 97 here in Greensboro, but in the end, it all runs/works the same way……


  1. What did they pay their search firm, something like $90,000, to help them hire an out-of-work coach?
    Glad I’m not a tormented Wolfpack fan. You guys have to be confused and upset by this, I assume?

  2. Is it Mike Gottfried or Mark Gottfried??? I was a little confused in the beginning……That search price must have gone up as they continued looking….I heard they were supposed to receive $75,000 when all of this work got going…….

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