Update on N.C. State: AD Yow’s letter, thoughts on the letter, thoughts on coaches

Just a few more items that are making the rounds today, during the N.C. State basketball coaching search, with AD Debbie Yow’s letter to the fans, Adam Gold’s thoughts on that letter and Caulton Tudor’s thoughts on coaches that AD’s should still be looking at…..

CLICK HERE to check out Athletic Director Debbie Yow’s letter to the Wolfpack fans telling them to keep the faith….From WRALSpoortsFan.com

CLICK HERE to see the thoughts on the letter from Raleigh sports talk radio host Adam Gold, who says he feels the letter wasn’t necessary…..From WRALSporsFan.com

Long-time Raleigh resident and sportswriter Caulton Tudor has thoughts on 6 college basketball coaches that the College AD’s should still be watching….CLICK HERE to check out that list and it does have some interesting names on it….From Charlotte Observer.com

This is a hot button issue around the state right now and we have delved so deeply into it, that we don’t want to leave you hanging, when new information becomes available……

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