Congratulations go out today to 14U Team Phoenix Elite and check out the roster loaded with future stars

Team Phoenix Elite wins AAU 14U Super Regionals

Team Roster:
Will Gardner (Greensboro Day)
KJ Langley (Oak Ridge Military)
Chandler Peraldo (Mendenhall)
Jered Henderson (Southern Guilford)
Terell Picket (Eastern Guilford)
Tre McLean (Eastern Guilford)
Skylar McGee (Ledford Middle)
Kevin Henry (Southeast Guilford)
David Oglesby ( Stanback Middle)
Brock Braddy (Ledford)
Shaleck Wynn (Mendenhall)
Zach Spade (Ledford)

This basketball team coached by Johnny Richardson (varsity assistant coach from Greensboro Day School) went (5-0) over the weekend in Raleigh and ended up winning the 14U AAU Super Regionals….This is another accomplishment for one of our local teams and let’s hope the kids can keep up when they move on and advance to the Nationals…..

We now have the listing of the names of the players on this team up here for you……..


  1. This is an extremely well coached bunch that plays team ball. Coaches Richardson and Garnder have done a great job. Unlike most AAU squads, this team understands and runs its offense, is patient and plays good D. They can also get out in transistion as good as anybody.

  2. How is that a Super Regional whn there were only USSSA/YBOA Teams entered?

    No Garner Rd/United Celts/Team Charlotte/QCAA/Titans or Gaters? Rumor is that one player will be 16 in the Fall?

  3. Dale, there were two very talented clubs in the event…. Team Loaded from Virginia (I am pretty sure) and the Southern KIngs from Georgia.

    I guess you don’t know what these guys did to the Gaters last week….


  4. @ Dale, AAU, USSSA, YBOA and USBA have gone to the “Grade Division” format, so there probably are kid(s) on this team and every 8th grade in the country that has kids turning 16 in the fall. Not saying it is cool, but these are the rules for these organizations. Congrats to this team. It is not easy to win a Super Regional. I heard there was good competition, Southern Kings, Team Loaded, etc… without the teams you mentioned Dale. Anytime a team with area kids can win or compete at the state or national level we should applaud the efforts. Thanks Andy for reporting this.

  5. Phoenix family member very defensive and you did not play the Gaters, at least not the Blue. I saw them beat Kingdom Athletes by 35 lasat week in WS.
    Did not see you guys in States in pool or bracket play?

  6. Dale, why all the hate when the point of this article is to simply acknowledge a wonderful result by a local team? By way…. this team was in states and bracket play in Forest City last week.

  7. Phoenix family you are correct D2 States?? Pretty good with 2-3 grade( I mean re-class) exemptions.Go Titans!

  8. Dale, I think you maybe referring to the 9th Grade division Gaters Blue. Two kids that can really shoot it. That team has some kids that has re-classed as well. Kingdom Athletes don’t have the team that it has had the past 2 years. Not nearly as good. WS Family don’t hate. Get some players that will help the Titans compete.

  9. Congratulations guys and coaches! Hard work pays off! Continue to trust God and do good.If your ways please Him He will give you the desires of your heart. Work harder, get stronger, and continue to play as a team.The best is yet to come.I cant wait till nationals!!!

    No weapon formed against you shall prosper! Let’s go Phoenix!!!

  10. Wow!!?? Obviously this gentleman has very limited knowledge of what’s currently going on in 14U AAU basketball. I mean he named teams that didn’t even rank in bracket play in forest city the weekend before last and the whole grade exemption thingy is something that every credible league has now implemented. Let me make a suggestion for Dale and others who are criticizing the accomplishments of this team; let the past go, get your facts together before you speak, and have your club qualify and win some games so that their accomplishments moves them into a position to play this team. Because for some reason i have a strange feeling that his club hasn’t quite achieved that level yet… Keep up the good work Team Phoenix!! Just know that success always comes with some opposition. Overcome the opposition!!

  11. Wow !! I do not think I remember ever hearing much in the past about Phoenix boys basketball in this city. There was a time that only the Gators could generate this type of basketball talk in this city. Maybe the Phoenix boys can reach the high levels of the Lady Phoenix in the near future. There is clearly a changing of the guard in boys basketball in this city currently but it is unclear who will take the top spot at this point. The Gators still have a few good teams such as their 10u boys but most of their other older teams continue to lose their better players to other organizations. The Gators are living off of their past glory and their leadership at the top is fading. Robert Johnson does not have the day to day leadership and community visibility that he once held on the AAU circuit. Stan obviously has his own set of issues that he is dealing with in personal life. Organizations such as the Phoenix and Greensboro Aggies will continue to erode the Gators hold on Greensboro and either individual or together take this city over within the next couple of years. Way to go Team Phoenix 14U !! Any team that shows that they can compete and win against the better teams in the state, region and nation has my support.

  12. Andy, thx for puttin this up and you right this team has some really good rising players

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