Sykes has sights set on higer education and a higher calling in life:Interview with Dillon Sykes (Page High School Basketball Player)

Interview With Dillon Sykes (Page High School Basketball Player)
Special to by Antonio Graham

One thing is definitely for sure with Dillon Sykes: You can find him at a
Greensboro Grasshoppers concessions stand, working with his hands. Just like baseball and basketball, it‘s only seasonal.

The Page High School senior who helped guide his team win the Pizza Hut Invitational during the winter break, it was his first “championship” in his basketball career. Add in the Pirates advancing in the NCHSAA playoffs. “It was definitely a special experience, we all played on the same page, so we shared the glory together, and I really appreciate the other guys (Frank Eaves, Justin Connors to name a few), “ Sykes stated. He also added, “I mean everybody, it was definitely a wonderful experience and I will cherish it.”

If you think that the athletics overtakes the academics at Page, you are sadly mistaken “We definitely had teachers that cared about you, some teachers will give you a grade just because you played on a team or you’re important to the fans, it wasn’t nothing like that at Page,“ he stated. “We definitely had a lot of good teachers out there, we still do, education was important at Page; if you wasn’t making the grades you couldn’t play anyway.”

When asked about his prep coach for the four years he was there (Coach Robert Kent) “He was definitely a coach, the good thing you could always count on him, “ Sykes said. “(he) would always be there for you, whenever you went to him, the bad thing I don’t think he understood the full potential of some of the players on the team, whether he didn’t see it and others could see it, I mean everybody doesn’t see the same thing, but it was definitely more good than bad. (Coach) Kent is definitely a great coach; without him a lot of things we did we wouldn’t be able to accomplish.”

But working for the ‘Hoppers is just a pit stop for the handy man who sees himself playing college basketball as well as a future job as a mechanical engineer “I’m definitely a handy person myself, working with my hands,” Sykes said. “I want to pursue a Mechanical Engineer, anything in that area, and building, something like that; my first year I’m going to attend UNCG, and then after that I’m going to transfer to UNCC).”

And he doesn’t want to waste his time on what he has accomplished thus far in his young career “Growing up I was told that a mind is a terrible thing to waste, so if I limit myself now, then I would probably be wasting my time, so I’m definitely looking to learn new things,” he noted. “Being a part of a basketball is a learning process, there will always be things that I’m going to learn and develop.”

So he does have his priorities in order. “Definitely pursuing a higher education, college is number one right now, and I just want to support my family. Times is hard right now, and really I just want to go to college and get a good education, so when I get out I’ll definitely have a good job; and as far as that I do want to play basketball on the collegiate level and just support my family.”


  1. It is truly a gift to have a son like you who grows more precious with the years!
    Remember keep doing your part and leave the rest to God. We are so proud of you!

    Love You Much

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