AL Brown ready to name new coach on Monday:Is there a big-name coach waiting in wings ready to take over?

AL Brown High School will reccommend it’s new head football coach to the school board on Monday night and the scuttlebutt around the Little Wonders’ locker room and fieldhouse is, will the new man be Newsome?????

Talk running through the woods and out on to Highway 85 South is that Mike Newsome, the coach at Matthews Butler, might be making the drive to Kannapolis to take over the AL Brown football program……

Leaving the Butler Bulldogs and going to the AL Brown Little Wonders????? We’ll know more on Monday and we’ll find out if the new man is Newsome……..

More from the Charlotte Observer on-line:
Kannapolis Brown principal Kevin Garay has completed the search for a new football coach.

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  1. its official…Mike Newsome is the new coach…It wil be interesting to see who becomes the new coach at Butler now…

  2. AL Brown has not been known as the “Little Wonders” in over thirty years….Bob Boswell had the word “little” dropped while he was the coach.

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