Still tracking the “Hot List” for the HS Baseball teams/players

Final stats on Logan Thornton-Burlington Williams:Logan Thornton- .438 BA
.618 Obp
7 HR’s
26 RBI
Out of 85 plate appearances he had only 5 K’s and was issued 22 BB’s…..(Solid Season)*****Courtesy of Williams coaching staff…..*****

Pitcher Dylan Shutt from Southeast Guilford is now (8-0), Landon Biggs from McMichael has 8 wins, Pete Guy from Ledford now stands at 12 home runs, Jaylin Davis from NEG is now at 40 RBI’s, while Nick Taylor out of ORMA still holds down the fort at 63 driven in and Josh Tobias from SEG has moved up to 39 stolen bases for the year….We have more numbers out there, get them in here…….Don’t hold ’em at third, send them on home…..

New leader from what we have been able to find…..
Dylan Shutt-Southeast Guilford(8-0)
Landon Biggs-McMichael(8-2)
Bennett Hixon-Wesleyan Academy(7-1)
Austin Hardin-Northern Guilford(7-1)
Justin Morrison-HPCA(7-1)
Dallas Newton-Southeast Guilford(5-0)……
Craig Jacobelli-SEG(5-1)
And the list should roll on……

Home Runs:
Peter Guy-Ledford(12)
Robert Deluca-FCD(12)
Jaylin Davis-Northeast Guilford(9)
Will Nance-Morehead(9)
Nick Taylor-Oak Ridge(8)
Justin Morrison-HPCA(7)
Logan Thornton-Burlington Williams(7)
Corey Kimber-Dudley(7)
Devin McLemore-Westchester(7)
Tripp Dunn-Forsyth Country Day(7)
Josh Tobias-Southeast Guilford(7)
Caleb McCann-Northeast Guilford(6)
Jon Bethea-HPCA(6)
Jacob McCann-Northeast Guilford(5)
Sawyer Highfill-Grimsley(5)

Nick Taylor-Oak Ridge(63)
Jaylin Davis-NEG(40)
Jon Bethea-HPCA(40)
Pete Guy-Ledford(34)
Blake Butler-SEG(32)
Nick Mancuso-Caldwell(30)
Will Nance-Morehead(29)
Blake Butler-SEG(29)
Jon Bethea-HPCA(28)
Dillon Barker-SEG(24)
Colby Keene-SEG(21)
Josh Tobias-SEG(19)
Adam Gunn-EG(16)

Batting Average:
This time out we have:
Nick Mancuso-Caldwell(.580)
Jon Bethea-HPCA(.550)
Lucas Martin-McMichael(.536)
Pete Guy-Ledford(.517)
D.J. Reader-Grimsley(.486)
Will Nance-Morehead(.481)
Dillon Barker-SEG(.466)
Blake Butler-SEG(.456)
Adam Gunn-Eastern Guilford(.449)
Sanders Kuxhausen-NWG(.440)
Nick Taylor-ORMA(.435)
Josh Tobias-SEG(.434)
Ryan Puckett-McMichael(.431)
Craig Jacbellis-SEG(.429)

Stolen Bases:
Josh Tobias-SEG(39)
Jaylin Davis-NEG(20)
Dallas Newton-SEG(10)
Adam Gunn-EG(6)


  1. Justin Morrison for HPCA has 7 HRs and is 7-1 on the mound
    Jonathan Bethea has 6 HR and his RBI total is above 40, think the average is still up around .550-.600 as well

  2. How all of the sudden Landon Biggs comes out of nowhere to get 8 wins? Does he see a pitching instructor and if so anyone know who he is seeing because my son needs pitching lessons, so any recommendations would be very helpful???

  3. Oak Ridge Military Academy’s rightfielder Edwin Soto hit at the .500 range and Tiger Miller and Patrick Nusdeo also hit for high averages. I will have all stats over the next few days to push for my guys to get ALL-AREA!

  4. Im sure a certain someone who didnt crack the top 10 in any stat will have his name mentioned for all american, lol, what a joke

  5. IIt seems to happen evey year, im sure we will find out soon. Good luck to all teams, I think we can make some deep runs this year.s7ul

  6. According to MAXPREPS SE has 4 kids hitting over 400:
    Dylan Barker .466
    Blake Butler .456
    Josh Tobias .434
    Craig Jacobelli .429

    Josh was HBP 11 times and had 16 BBs. It seems like he was hit more than 11 times. If eveyone is pitching at you instead of to you it makes hitting stats even harder to obtain. 434 is a great average based on how he was pitched to this season.

  7. There needs to be a way to separate private schools from public schools in post-season baseball awards. Private schools are feast-or-famine when it comes to talent level. There are several very good teams and lots of very bad ones. The ones that load up on talent also load up on individual player stats. Plus playing against 7th and 8th graders is not a good way to evaluate an 18-year old senior’s stats. When combining private and public school players into one common pool for all-area comparison is like comparing apples to oranges.

  8. @apples to oranges

    I don’t know just how tough Weslyan, HPCA, or FCD’s schedules were but I do know that ORMAs schedule was one of the toughest in the state and they faced tough pitching all year. So I’m not so sure that it is accurate to say that these guys are building up their stats against 7th and 8th graders.

  9. The 3A private schools are as good or better than any competition around. If you think otherwise look at who they have on their team and then how they have fared against the publics. Public school baseball is extremely top heavy too. Just look at the records of some of the teams around.

  10. I would agree that there are strong teams and weak teams among the private school conferences, but I would also agree that it is the same in the public school arena too….Wesleyan has historically done very well against very talented public schools in the past as has HPCA and FCD. This year is no different. I am just thankful that all the area teams have boys who enjoy playing the sport and are performing well on the field.

  11. Alan Sharpe at Burlington Williams finished with a 4-1 regular season conference record, 1.80 conference ERA, complete game wins against Western Alamance, Northern Guilford, and complete game shutout against Eastern Guilford.

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