East Forsyth tops Charlotte Myers Park in girl’s soccer 2-0, when Mustangs don’t get chance to finish suspended game

2-0 East Forsyth Eagle girls over the Myers Park Mustangs, on Friday night at East, in Kernersville, when the game was halted due to inclement weather….There were 27 minutes remaining in the game and the game officials told Myers Park, that they could come back and finish the game on Monday and the game would be resumed with East Forsyth up 2-0, with 27 minutes left on the game clock, in regulation time….

Sounded real good to Myers Park, since their girls had their prom coming up on Saturday night and Monday would be the perfect solution, as far as the Mustangs were concerned…..Mustangs on Monday, back at East Forsyth for the finish….

Sounded real good to Myers Park and the game officials gave them their word that this is how it would go, and then Mustangs were feeling pretty good about their chances, once the game got going again, on Monday night….

But, the Myers Park coach got back to Charlotte and he got a phone call, from an official in the office at the NCHSAA(North Carolina High School Athletic Association) and the NCHSAA told the Myers Park coach, that his team just left their season on the field, in Kernersville….

The NCHSAA staff member told the Mustangs’ coach that the game would have had to be completed on Friday night…..The Mustangs and East Forsyth would have to have continued play when the storm stopped, if Myers Park wanted a chance to still win and the only way the game could have been shifted to Monday night, for resumption and completion, is if the game would have been tied up at 0-0, when the storm hit and the game was stopped….

With East Forsyth in front 2-0, the game had to be finished on Friday night or else, and the rule was stated right there in black and white, in the NCHSAA rulebook…

The Myers Park coach could only go by what the game officials had told him and they said that the game could be resumed and completed on Monday night and they were dead wrong and now the Myers Park Mustang coach had to tell his girls/team that their season was over…..That was it, no more soccer this season and they could not return to Kernersville and finish the game with East Forsyth on Monday night, as they had been told, when they left the field on Friday night….

Sad ending and East Forsyth is real good and they were up 2-0 and they might have just rolled on anyway over Myers Park, but that doesn’t change the fact that the officials told them that they could complete the game, on Monday night and there was no use to stick around waiting in Kernersville, on Friday night…..

Tough way to end the season and this is another classic case of the infamous tune by B.J. Thomas and it is a case, of another “Somebody done somebody wrong song”…….

CLICK HERE to get the full details from the Charlotte site and I have broke this one down in detail for the most part already, simply because you/I feel like somebody got a raw deal here……

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  1. Is the teaching moment here that you can not trust the game officials?

    We need the team of Guenther and O’Keefe to come in here and give us some sort of local interpretation……

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