Questions keep coming, but factors facing Lewis fuel and form his focus on the basketball court

Check out the basketball beat on Tyler Lewis(Forsyth Country Day School)…..The word was/is that Lewis was too short, but many are not buying that belief and you can include me in that camp….With his work ethic, I think Lewis can do the job for N.C. State, in the ACC and on the DI level…..See what your thoughts are, when you check out the chart and look at what is listed on Lewis below………If many of us had his height, self included, we would be facing LBJ, D Wade and Chris Bosh in the NBA finals, let’s see how far this Tyler Lewis kid can go…..You never know, Chris Paul was small and then he got tall/taller and now look at his stock on the NBA charts….Lewis can do us a favor, and make believers out of all the masses, in our basketball classes……

from Charlotte

RALEIGH – The last name is Lewis, just the five letters, no punctuation.

Given the doubts that follow N.C. State recruit Tyler Lewis on the basketball court, you would figure there was a permanent question mark attached to the “s.”

Is he tall enough to play major college basketball? Is he quick enough? Is he strong enough?

Find out for yourself when you CLICK HERE and check in with J.P. Giglio……

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