Greensboro Colt Baseball Regular Season Title goes to Jamestown/Ragsdale

Tonight’s Championship meeting for the Regular Season Title was at Stoner-White Stadium in Jaycee Park……..

Jamestown 6
Dudley 0

WP:Matt Horkey
LP:Corey Kimber


Jamestown scored all 6 of their runs in the third inning and the following Jamestown players had one hit each……Matt Horkey, Mitch Carstens, Bryson Harrell, Colin Lipke, Will Tice…..Dudley had one hit and it came from the bat of Rick Hill…..


  1. Kimber was unbelievable especially early in the game. He had to have 14-15 strikeouts. That 3rd inning killed him when that 8th grader Colin Lipke got that base hit and got Ragsdale going!

  2. Corey Kimber was the King of the Hill except for that one inning and Horkey was tough too….Looked like Kimber was getting it done with his strong fastball and that Horkey was effective with his curveball…..Kimber is very tough and talented on the mound, he just had that one off inning when Jamestown jumped on him for six, but we also have to give credit to Jamestown, they have been doing it all year and they are very deep, almost 30 deep…..

    Good job by both clubs and to Jamestown goes the Title and next up they have the Tournament and then after that it is time for the All-Stars at the end of July…..Didn’t Eastern Guilford win the regular season last year with Adam Gunn, Ryan Hackett, Tyler Hunt, Tyler Wolfe, Joey Loosemore and company and then the Wildcats fell in the tournament, but I can’t remember who beat them there?????

  3. Kimber is an absolute stud, but the “king of the hill” last night had to be the rising soph throwing a one hitter against a team who can really hit.

  4. Let me see… One pitcher gives up one hit, pitches a shutout and gets the win.
    The other pitcher who is definitely a stud, gives up six runs, six hits and suffers the loss.
    Maybe I don’t understa d how you determine “King of the Hill” but Horkey would definitely get my vote.
    Congrats to both teams

  5. I’m just going by what I saw after I got there…..Kimber was nearly untouchable….The Jamestown players were not even coming close to his stuff…..I was shaking my head when they told me that Kimber had given up those six runs in the 3rd inning…..If you looked at the scoreboard and saw the six and then all the 0’s the rest of the way, there is no way you could have been telling me that Kimber had given up those runs…..The time I saw him throwing last night, he looked unhittable….Again, I didn’t see the third, and Horkey had himself a no-hitter going until Dudley got the late hit to right field just down the line……

    From what I saw based on the overall numbers and what I saw on the scoreboard, Jamestown/Ragsdale has a better hitting team overall than Dudley…..Jamestown got those six runs and the hits in the third, but for the most part, Dudley was not getting any hits……

    One difference in Kimber and Horkey is the age……Kimber will be a senior next year and from what I’ve been told and feel is the correct information, Horkey will a a sophomore…..Kimber is almost like a man and Horkey still a growing boy…..They would make a nice combo for your pitching staff/rotation, because they are both very good…..Kimber with that mean fastball and Horkey with his curve and I have seen Kimber come with the curve before……If you could start Horkey and have the hitters off-balacne early and then come with Kimber and blow them away with the power it might be a good combo for a game out in Lafayette and I think Kimber has Lafayette experience, I do believe he made the trip out there with Green last year……

    Good combo and good possible tandem and we need to use them to our advantage in Lafayette, but we have to get their first and that is not always a total given, but has been about a 75-80% guarantee over the years…..That legion experience that Adam Gunn and John Robertson have been getting in Burlington will be a plus too, plus Zach McLean has 9-10 HR’s this summer for the Junior Hi-Toms and he has been hitting the cover off of the ball here in the Summer of 2011……Put McLean somewhere near the cleanup spot and he becomes Zach McCleanup with maybe 2-3 RBI…..

    Plenty of talent and if it all comes down to it, Donnie Stowe or Jack are probably the King of the Hill……Good game last night and with the depth that Jamestown has, they ought to tough for the next 5-10 years………

    Good job men, now let’s go get one for Dave Thomas in the Summer of 2011…………

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