Hot Day and Page HS more than Hot in 7 on 7

Page in control tonight in 7 on 7 at Page High School and the day was Hot and the connections with James Summers to Orlando Hatfield, Brian Spain and Gael Castelo were equally as Hot as the temperatures…..Page will end up helping the Southwest Guilford Cowboys see what they need to working on and in the end, this will be a beneficial session for SWG……(For Page backup QB Jordan Putnam again found his favorite receiver today, when he hooked up with starting quarterback James Summers, on more than one occasion…….)

The SWG Cowboys will need some work and fine tuning on their game, but Page is in solid form already on the offense and defense and I won’t go as far to say that the Pirates are in mid-season form, but they are really coming along…..(Have seen Page at Guilford, at Holt Brothers, briefly at NWG and today at Page, vs. SWG…)

Got a chance to see the Pirate linemen in skill sessions tonight and they appear to be coming along nicely and the Pirate football team looks to have depth this year and could end up taking them far, we will have to wait and see how they respond, when they put the pads on and the full scrimmages begin…….

A lot of work is going on over at the Page campus and Athletic Director Rusty Lee had his work clothes on and he was mowing grass all over the athletic complex…..(AD/Coach Lee had his farm/sun hat on too today….)

Page has more 7 on 7 workouts coming up with 2 sessions set with Thomasville, another with NWG, and probably one more with both SWG and Southern Guilford…….A busy time of the year and it looks to be coming together in a good way for Page and SWG has some real work to do, but I do believe that Coach Swarzer will get his men ready for the opener, in August……

Coach Gillespie will driving and pushing the Pirates and the Dudley Panthers were also pushing today, with workouts in helmets and shoulder pads on the Panther fields over off of Highway 29 North and you could see them practicing from the highway when you drove by Dudley this afternoon………

Expecting a break for the Holidays(4th of July) beginning on Friday and lasting through next Monday……

*****Anyone got word on how High Point Central looked versus Ledford this morning and how did Northwest Guilford show agains Lexington this evening….I heard one report earlier, that was saying HP Central was real strong in the 7 on 7 with Ledford……..*****


  1. okay,southwest offense connected for short passes which were really nice…and they beat page down a couple times deep with a whole new coaching staff,and plus i didn’t see the some of the top two linebackers in the county in braxton daye,and brandon banks at the scrimmage and the linebacker play looked weak for southwest..Page is a great athletic football team no doubt they will probably be the best hands down but SWG will be a top team in the area this year too

  2. this page team is good its to easy for them as they have been doing this to every team they have played.
    but sw did look sharp qb was making great throws but recivers couldn’t hold on to the ball

  3. Lexington canceled a few hours before the start of the 7on7 with NW Guilford.

  4. SW Guilford did catch a couple of deep balls, on Page’s third string DB, just stating a fact. 5’3 135lb third string DB.
    Page was throwing the deep ball, at will ,and catching them.. all evening.

    When Page’s starters played, SW did mostly nothing (Some short dink and dunk passes). When it got later in the scrimmage and Page started moving different players in to different positions that they normally don’t play and also put in some of the third string guys, then SW started making plays on offense.

  5. Page has a lot of talent and good size all around. They will be one of the better 4A teams in the state this year. Southwest Guilford was missing three starters on defense, and were playing with a couple of jv kids. That being said, Page is a better team than Southwest and has a chance to do some damage this season. I think Southwest is a triple option team, so I am sure a lot of the 7 on 7 stuff is to work on their 3rd down passing and long yardage stuff. Banks and Daye make a big difference on defense for Southwest.

  6. Everyone pack it up! Page has already won the State championship cause they can complete a few pass with nobody rushing them!

  7. One of the keys for Page will be to find a compliment of runners for Rogers and Summers and it may come in the form of power running from Workinger and Brooks…..Page has the receivers in Hatfield, Spain, Greene, Castelo and others and the power running game may be what they need for their total balance…….

    SWG has athletes and they have to figure out exactly how to use/place them and to utlize them….Banks and Daye are very good athletes….

    Bummer for Northwest Guilford on the Lexington back out……..

  8. Eaglez, I’m sure Smith has completed a few passes with nobody rushing them too, this summer. So we are even.

  9. If you dont understa d if this was a real game page would not have that much time to tyrow yes thier a good football team but dont the relize southwest has brandon banks no one on pages roster can block him sO he would he in the backfield makingba diffrence and also braxton daye quick linebacker would have stopped the short crosses.
    But much love to page thier gonna be a great football team this year with two great qb’s..
    Best of luck PAGE and SW

  10. Why is braxton daye not thier qb this kids got q gun back in oak ridge days i rember one day i saw him throw a ball and he does have a arm and great size

  11. It would be interesting if would SWG would go ahead and stick Braxton Daye back there and see what he can do at quarterback and see what he can do back there…..

    You never know till you give it a look/try…….Sounds like it might be the ticket and sort of neat to see what this kid can do…..

    From what we are hearing, sounds like Brandon and Braxton are ready to be the Killer B’s for SWG this season…..

    And we have been hearing nothing about Double D, Daniel Downing and the Northern Guilford Nighthawks here in the off-season/pre-season…..Defending 3-AA Champs with Double D and TJ Logan back and Mark Mitchell the LB, but after that, who are they counting on to help carry the load or to help carry the mail, as one observer said on Thursday…..The coach used to say about the running backs, can they tote the seed……….Like can they carry the ball effectively???

    Plenty on the table and we ought to have a full plate as we head toward the the 4th of July Picnic break at the Country Park…….

  12. i think that move may be too late now….but this was a great thing for swg last night as they got to see some real athletes,but i think they were missing 3 defensive starters and a couple of subs who usally sub in..
    but i hope the best to swg and page

  13. Andy,can you figure out who the sw starting qb is right now he good,everyone has been trying to figure out hes name?
    and hes probably a better choice than braxton daye..
    but could you figure out who he is.

  14. I remember last year’s QB Airyn Willis pretty good and he was a good one, especially a very good athlete…..We will try and figure this one out and if Coach Swarzer could step in and help us that would be good too….

    .I know Coach Swarzer wishes that old QB he had a few years ago, was it Steven Johnson the kid that went to App out of Central, I bet a lot of people wish he was still around too and if Drew Adams has a younger brother, send him to Coach Helms down in Raleigh, I know he can use him……..

    Helms was famous for the Spread Defense, they used to call it the “Black Watch”……If the SWG Cowboys can get a little Jimmy Moorman MoJo in their game, they can take down a few teams with the defense this year…..

    Back to the subject, we do need to figure out who the current Cowboy QB is and we need to give some props to that small Page DB from last night that got the pick……He must be 5’4 and weigh about 135 and SWG had two #35’s on their team, that we were seeing yesterday, one of offense and one on defense……

    We’ve got to get this Social Network working………


  15. #23 from SWG was a quick guy he will be a big playmaker and he is going D1 ray bridges i think? but can you email swarzer and see the starting qb and ask some info bout this team cause im excited for this defense…
    did you see the #22 on defense he had like 3 picks on putnam and summers.
    thats the other bridges i think tey have they bridges twins

  16. I did see those Cowboys making some plays, but it is a lot like going up against a pitcher numerous times……The more you face him, the better chance you have to get to him and the more times you see that QB( more and more passes), the better chance you have to get yourself a pick…..The QB’s have to be careful not to give it up…..

    We know Page is loaded and the SWG Cowboys have some horses, they just need to decide where to tie them down for the night……

  17. Andy,do you rember that watchlist you had up on super sophmores back during the season? in october
    Larry Edwards from southwest guilford was on it was a Running back did you see this kid yesterday i have seen him it is really
    exciting to watch him play because he is fast and strong..
    but did you buy any chance see him yesterday??

  18. I remember the name Larry Edwards from last season and remember him on the site here at as an RB……What # was he wearing on Thursday at Page? He was one of the better young RB’s in our area last year…….Get us his # and can he play QB or is he still the RB? Again, SWG has some horses, they just need to decide when and where they are going to ride them………Several new coaches at SWG this year to and they have put in new offense too from what we are hearing………I wonder if Brian Willliams ever stops back by at Southwest Guilford?

  19. He was #35 on offense,they have him playing b back in the triple option let me tell ypu sputhwest has 3 varsity starting o-lime back and 2 poeple who have had alot of varsity experince so thier running game might be huge,with a strong defense led by banks,daye and bridges..
    They might win thier confrence if they can beat northwest.
    But,PAGE they were the real deal they had quick recivers 2 great qbs and summers he was everywhere.
    SW will be at southern this week i think do you think youll make it andy

  20. SW was better than i thought it seemed they werent making plays but they kept completing 5 yard passes and 5 yards builds ul..
    And as people stated thier a run first.
    But my pqge boys are state champ bound.

  21. Southwest guilford had som great DBs led by bridges they also have a young talented DBs like meite and McMasters they have to get used to the game and they will be unstoppable
    Also they have an outside linebacker i think his name was Lewis he is real talented

  22. We saw the SWG DBs against Page at the 7on7. They were no where close to being great or unstoppable. They got beat on the long ball and on wheel routes 10-15+ times.

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