7 on 7 with Ragsdale at Southeast Guilford tonight(With Thursday morning updates)

Ragsdale Tigers and the Southeast Falcons in 7 on 7 action this evening and Ragsdale has a ton of players and they brought in the Varsity and the JV’s for this 7 on 7 scrimmage…..

Ragadale has Garrison Herndon as their quarterback and the backup is Garrison’s younger brother, Colson…..Top Tiger QB Garrison Herndon had several completions and he hit Joe Pantuso for at least one TD and he also has Anthony Stewart, who made several key catches and there’s Eric Romer, Karson Redfern and his younger brother, Colson, that Garrison can go to……

Ragsdale was steady and the teams hit several series of three downs and out and SEG at QB, was led early by backup Cody Ezell, and then Ezell had to leave and go to the baseball game…..#1 QB for SEG, Will Greene is out of town this week on vacation and will back next week……

Ragsdale on defense was led by backers Trey Grimes and Duncan Sparks and you can look to them to be your defensive leaders this season for Ragsdale…..The Tigers lost Coach Johnny Boykin, to a coaching and Athletic Director’s job down in South Carolina, so the Tigers will be without one of their key defensive cogs this season and everyone you talk to says, Coach Boykin will be missed….

Southeast Guilford lost their defensive coach Lynn Coble in the off-season and the Falcons will also have to do some rebuilding this season…..

More info comng in on this 7 on 7 tomorrow morning……*****Here we go, with more on the 7 on 7 show.*****Solid and aggressive defense from Southeast Guilford on Wednesday night and that should be the cornerstone of the Falcon program, again this season…..Solid, strong, tough defense, has been a trademark of SEG football for many years….This year should be no different….

The big question for SEG is who will replace runningback Michael Fields…..Over 2,000 yards rushing last season and somewhere in the neighborhood of 25-30 touchdowns and he will be a hard man to replace……RB Marques Haynesworth has also graduated and SEG will need some new runners that they can depend on…..SEG likes to go with the power running game, so those backs will need to be fast and very strong…….Our old reader/follower of this site, Damien King, had some young relatives that might be in line to grab one or two of those runningback positions…….

Ragsdale also has to find out who will replace their RB’s in D’onavan Smith and little Barry the workhorse back…….I’m sure coach Norwood has some real good prospects for the backfield, to go along with new starting quarterback Garrison Herndon…..

We talked about it last night and a real big void will be left with Coach Johnny Boykin having left Ragsdale, as their top assistant coach and Lynn Coble gone from Southeast Guilford and he was equally as important to the SEG, as their top Falcon assistant…..Sometimes it is harder/tougher to replace coaches than it is players, but in the case of these two programs, they should be OK when the season gets rolling…….

More to come and feel free to leave your comments on the Ragsdale and Southeast and on the other 7 on 7’s that may be going on in our area…….


  1. Ragsdale will be tough again this year. Look for the Tigers to contend for the Piedmont Triad 4A again this season…

  2. Most good footballs teams should look better offensively than SEG in an 7on 7. SEG is strictly a running team and 7 on 7s tend to highlight the passing game. Hopefully, SEG throws a few swing passes and a screen or two to change the game up. They don’t have a RB with Michael Field’s size, but they have some talent in Petty and Petty (No relation). Petty and Petty (Jamal & Philip) should get the bulk of the carries. Avery (not sure if that’s a first or last name) will be thrown into the mix also. Jamal Petty, my little brother, is the biggest of the three RBs at 5’9” and 1801bs. He’s a tough, physical runner with plenty of speed. Although, my mother doesn’t want to hear it, he’s the prime candidate to run up the middle. I’m sure the P. Petty and Avery will get that chance also. According to my step dad, Will Greene was at the 7on7 and looked decent at the QB spot. The 2 biggest questions remain the same year after year at SEG: Do they have a good enough offensive line to open up holes for the style of ball they play? Can the Defense play good enough to keep them in ball games?

  3. Saw the sg vs swg 7 on 7 sg came out strong on offense and swg looked a little weak the first time out but picked it up as it seemed they were trying something new with the play calling.
    but great games for both of these teams

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