New coach at High Point Andrews is Brian Seagraves from Dudley

Brian Seagraves takes over for James Abell at High Point Andrews and congratulations to Brian, on his first head coaching job for boys basketball, on the high school level…..

James Abell came to Andrews from Dudley and now another former Dudley assistant gets the whistle at HP Andrews…..Brian Seagraves played at Dudley along with his cousin Del Seagraves and they were part of some very talented Dudley Panther teams, coached by Steve Hankins……Brian then later on became an assistant coach for David Price at Dudley and has worked along side head coach Price and assistants Everett James, Derrick Partee and Coach Ferguson now for at least 10 years…….

This will give Brian Seagraves a chance to get head coaching experience and who know, maybe one day, he’ll head back to Dudley…….Coach Partee would be another key candidate to take over the Dudley program when Coach Price decides to step down in the next few years……Coach Seagraves has head coaching experience on the AAU level and he has been working with the youth basketball programs, along with Coach Waddell from Dudley for many years……

Coach Abell is now on the teaching staff at Page High School and who knows how that will go…….Maybe Coach Abell will be in line for the Page boys basketball job when Coach Kent decides he is ready to retire, or to move on to another post…….Many young coaches waiting in the wings and things are starting to take shape as we head toward the 2011-2012 school year……..


  1. Brian will do a fine job over there. He is a coach Hankins disciple. one thing for sure Andrews will learn how to play defense. That was very big for Dudley during the Hankins era. They will also be disciplined. Congrats Brian and if you need an assistant give me a call.

  2. Coach Seagraves should do well at High Point Andrews and it will be interesting to see his coaching staff and find out who the assistants will be…….

  3. when will EG announce their new men’s basketball coach? heard nothing yet.

  4. I’m pretty sure that the Eastern coach took the job at Johnson and Wales in Charlotte, but have not yet heard about new coach at EG…..Hopefully AD Hackett will keep us on his list…..

  5. all they need to do is move coach simpson over one chair. wonder why no announcement yet.

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