7 on 7 Football Scrimmages for this week

The word coming out of High Point Central, is that the Bison topped West Forsyth, 14-0, back on Monday and West Forsyth has one of the top defensive players in the state……A defensive back/linebacker that is huge/real tall……

Trinity High School at HP Central today, with the Whitmans coming back to their old stomping grounds, at HPC from Trinity….Gary Whitman Sr., assistant coach at Trinity and his son is the head coach….Gary Whitman Sr., at Lexington, High Point Central, back to Lexington, McMicael, now at Trinity and for a while in the middle of that coaching run, he was down in Florida and he may have stopped in Asheboro briefly too……

More 7 on 7 news……Send it our way……We are your 7 on 7 stop…….


  1. The kid that goes to West Forsyth is Alex Mcallister DE/OLB
    6’7 215lbs
    40: 4.7
    Shuttle: 4.25

  2. Page made Thomasville look like a 1A/2A team last night. No hard feelings as Coach Gillespie and Ole ball coach Allen Brown are great friends. Both Summers and Putnam found the open receivers all night and Thomasville’s defense had a very tough time with Hatfield, Spain, Little, Greene, Castelo, and 3-4 other receivers that had catches. Thomasville has some great looking athletes and will probably be a force this year in their conference and in the playoffs, but Page was too much. The defense played great, as well. It was a all men on ship effort, as everyone on the defense made plays.

  3. I was going to put the WF kid in as a DE, but it is hard to visualize DE’s in coverage in 7 on 7’s, but it can happen as I heard he was trying to stick with Lashaurn Monk…..

    Good reports, guys…..Good to get the info flowing…..Thanks.

  4. On second glance, maybe playing at the OLB…..Good call, but can he keep up with Monk…..Monk is one of the top-rated players in the state and that’s for real……

  5. I’ll say it right here and right now…….Page is going to be a top contender this year in football. They have so many offensive weapons and their defense is on POINT! I can hardly WAIT for the season opener. Maybe just maybe, Ol’ Rusty’ll let me have a go of the national anthem this year………… Oh and by the way, feel free to quote me on the “top contender” comment if you’d like!
    See you guys in the stands!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Page has the players, but they still have a lot of work to put in…There has been a lot of talk about Page, but there will be no give-me’s this year…Page will have to earn their keep and out play and out work their counterparts in order to be top contenders…Them Pirate boys better bring it…

  7. Southeast Guilford looked good versus Eastern Guilford yesterday. Defense had at least 4 picks and the offense looked good. SEG scored about 5 times and Eastern may have managed to get 2. This one turned ugly in the end when a kid from Eastern Guilford decided to tackle Philip Petty. He hit the P. Petty getting him air born. Coaches stepped in and no blows were thrown.

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