Post 87 Thomasville continues to shine as they go deeper and deeper into the playoffs

The Post 87 American Legion baseball team out of High Point/Thomasville continues to shine, as they won last night(Tuesday) and the team has really started to come together, with the return of DeSean Anderson(Ragsdale HS/South Carolina), plus Chris Ferrante(Wesleyan), Mike Whited(Ragsdale/Catawba), Sean Geoghegan(Southwest Guilford), Andrew Madden(Southwest Guilford) and many others are chipping in…..We have a report from the High Point Enterprise, from last week at and we are looking for more current news on the team, as they go deeper and deeper into the playoffs….

THOMASVILLE – Mother Nature put on quite a lightning display at Finch Field last Friday night.

American Legion Post 87’s bats also provided plenty of electricity in a 7-2 victory over Concord Post 51 in the first game of the double-elimination portion of the playoffs. The game was shortened to seven innings by inclement weather.

Chris Ferrante and Mike Whited homered for Post 87, while Andrew Madden ripped a threee-run double in the bottom of the third inning.

Post 87 plays either Winston-Salem or South Rowan next. Site, foe and time were not known at press time.

Sean Geoghegan got the win for Post 87. He struck out nine and walked three, allowing five hits and two earned runs in improving to 6-1 on the season.

Whited went 1-for-4 with a solo homer, his 11th. DeSean Anderson finished 1-for-3 with three runs, while Ferrante was 2-for-2 with three RBIs and two runs, including a two-run homer, his fifth.

Madden went 1-for-3 with three RBIs.


  1. How can DeSean Anderson be elegible to play Legion Ball? Doesn’t a player have to play in a certain number of games during the season to make them eligible for the playoffs? Suire is at it again…..

  2. Against Suire – why would you come on here and make a comment about a player when you have no idea what you are talking about. If you have a question about eligibility why don’t you refer to the Legion Rulebook. Refer to the American Legion 2011 Baseball Rulebook Section for info on Eligibility. Using ineligilble players will result in protests and game forfeitures. Why would you risk that. Players are required to be on an “Eligibility List” that is filed with the National Headquarters.

    If you have a problem with Suire, that’s your issue. Do your homework and don’t come on here and make accusations against players.

  3. Agreed and well said Mike…..The coach is going to use an ineligible player at this level? I don’t think so and Suire didn’t get where he is today making bonehead decisions……He has players joining the older Hi-Toms team in CPL, as those players were at the CWS, just like DeSean was……We ought to be proud to have a player like DeSean Anderson representing us on the Legion level….Look at all this young man has done and what he is still doing…..He battled and homered hurt last night….Don’t hate on him, go take a look in the mirror/rulebook at yourself……You have more to worry about than this blog concerning Post 87….Give the kids a break an let them play……..I would say we need to Be Like Mike…..He is on top of this and he knows the rules and he and Suire can put the Post on the map….Let’s get behind this team and see them through and they might just go all the way….And if they don’t, they were our team in the hunt…….Post 87, let’s support these kids……

  4. I am not cracking on the kid at all. The point being is the kid was on the Columbia Blowfish roster of the CPL at the begining of the summer season and due to reasons no one knows he is no longer attending the Univ. of South Carolina. So since he was not eligible to play in the CPL, Suire works his magic and gets him on the Legion team. The team then gets caught using an illegal bat. So I ask you where is the rat in this picture? Everything points back to Suire and not the kid. I am only asking how can be elligible to play?

  5. Bottom line is, if you have a problem with it, you’ll need to talk to Suire and he’s not here…..

  6. Obviously….. Against Suire….. Doesn’t care for Greg or the HiToms…. Greg Suire has done alot for baseball in our area…. He resurrected the Post 87 Legion program… Greg and Rob Shore have worked hard to improve the program… Rob Shore is a person of integrity and high character… He nor Greg should be subjected to unsubstantiated accusations… The bat issue (Umpire ruling) is discussed in article on this website…. The commissioner ruled… They played the game again….

  7. You guys still don’t get it. How can the boy be eligible to play Legion ball if he never played a regular season legion game and can come play in the tournament? This can not be done w/o some kind of deceit and lies and cover ups.

  8. Again accusations… No information…. He did play regular season games after he returned from the CWS….. I’m not sure about his ring size…. Sometime soon he will have a National Championship Ring….

  9. DeSean played for Post 87 last season, seems like you ought to be able to return to your former team……..I still remember when he hit that long home run up at East Surry and Coach Hall from Surry Legion, said that is the fartherest he has ever seen a ball travel in Surry County…..

  10. Absolutely…. Desean is a great player and teammate….. It is good for Legion Baseball… For a great player like Desean to come back and play… Maybe more will in the future….

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