High School football 7 on 7’s(scrimmages) coming up this evening

Northwest Guilford at Page tonight at 6pm.

This ought to be a good one…..Page is the favorite going into the Metro and NWG is the favorite heading into the Piedmont Triad 4-A….

Summers for Page, Pawlowski for NWG and if that isn’t enough, you Hatfield, Spain, Greene, Rogers out there catching passes for the Pirates and then Summers can join them, when Putnam lines up under center and NWG has Matt P the QB with Baxter, Dillon, Kristy and others out there in the passing routes and you’ll see some excellent LB’s and DB’s too, among them Hickman and Britt….

We hope to get some updates on this one with two former Pirates on the field/sidelines in Barile and Craft and we might get the inside from the Sideline from some of the NWG revelers/fans….

No rain in store for tonight, at least that’s the way the sky looks right now and you should see one of the better 7 on 7 displays of the season this evening at Page…….

Other 7 on 7’s tonight?????


  1. Ms. Craft will be at work tonight =(
    But, I will be there checking out the Pirates and VIkings.

    By the way, for NW Guilford fans, please park in the bus parking lot, it is the first left off of Alma Pinnix coming from Cone Blvd (If youre coming from Golden Gate Dr. its is the LAST right, all the way down by Cone Blvd.). Pull all the way around and park. Walk down to the football practice field through the baseball field.. Sorry for the inconvenience, but all the construction going on at Marion Kirby Stadium has some areas blocked off.

  2. Southeast Guilford looked good versus Eastern Guilford yesterday. Defense had at least 4 picks and the offense looked good. SEG scored about 5 times and Eastern may have managed to get 2. This one turned ugly in the end when a kid from Eastern Guilford decided to tackle Philip Petty. He hit the P. Petty getting him air born. Coaches stepped in and no blows were thrown.

  3. I have heard lots of hype about NWG. Are these guys really this good or is this just hype from last years great season. I hear they have lost a lot of Sr. leadership and 8 players on defense.

  4. NWG has lots of talent. they’ll be fine. Some pick them to win the conference this year.

  5. NWG plays in a tough conference and will have a tough time repeating as Conference Champs. Ragsdale, SW, High Point, East Forsyth will all be in the running. Glenn will be improved this year, Parkland will still struggle. NW has a good QB and the Baxter kid will be their star other than that no real stand outs.

  6. Page held more then their own. They’re on another level this year, it was pretty evident out there tonight. Summers is a specimen. Rogers is a tank. The receivers are all quick and reliable.

    The thing that stuck out to me was NW’s corners, they seemed to get beat often deep and on the intermediate routes. This is where Page showed more athletic ability. The Page O and D lines were down their running drills and they’re big, very strong, and quick across the board.

  7. Page looked good, no doubt. Going 4 wide and going deep isn’t exactly NW’s style of play, if you know anything about NW football. However, Baxter and Overcash (the top two receivers from last year’s team) did beat the coverage several times last night. With nine returning starters on offense and some nice changes on defense they are going to compete for the conference championship.

  8. Its 7 on 7 people…My goodness…Let the kids put pads on and then we can talk…

    Both teams used a lot of personnel on offense and defense…Both teams will play to their strengths…Skill wise, I think Page had the advantage…NWG though will run the ball no doubt with their running style offense and manage the clock; therefore, when NWG plays teams like Page they will be able to manage the clock and look to keep an explosive offense off the field…

    As for Page, well, they have the athletes for sure, but do they have the HEART and PRIDE that it takes to go all the way???

  9. From the 7 on 7 from Thursday, can anyone give us a quarterback comparison…..How did Summers and Pawlowski look? And for that matter, how about the backups in Putnam for Page and the NWG backup? Wasn’t there a real promising kid at Kernodle last year that was going to NWG this year, I wonder how that kid is coming along???

  10. IMO, James Summers is just a different animal. You can line him up at QB and he’ll dominate, you can line him up at WR and he’ll dominate, and you can line him up to sell popcorn in the stands and he’ll dominate. He is totally a cut above the rest. Orlando Hatfield is a true talent as well. I heard that he got his 1st D-1 offer a few weeks ago, so that is cool. Drew Rogers of course didn’t get to showcase his talents with this passing practice, but he will dominate this year as well when he runs the ball. Jordan Putnam has been playing a little more defense and it appears that the Page coaches are looking to put him on the field somewhere. Will he be the same talent as James Summers, no, but if something were to happen to James (God forbid), then Jordan will be able to come in and do a fine job. He is still learning, and I believe if he had to start then Page would still be a dangerous team. I believe Matt P and Jordan Putnam are very comparable. The only exception being the experience that Matt has. James is just a totally different animal.

    Now, Reid Baxter is legit. The kid is good. I havent seen him carry a ball out of the backfield, but the kid is fast and has really good hands. If the kid was about 5” taller then I believe he’d have a ton of offers coming his way. He is definitely a player and he proved it on the 7 on 7 last night. If he is the RB that everyone says he is then he is definitely one of the top 10 players in this county. He is special and I sure wish he had the Pirate uniform on.

  11. Putnam and Summers are both great quarterbacks and have different skills for sure – James is a beast whereever you put him on the field but Putnam led the JV team to two undefeated seasons and could definitely step in where needed at Page this year. With Summers and Putnam both on offense, who knows what could happen. Have seen both Putnam and Summers both play defense as you say – so overall they must be two good athletes.

  12. Leave it at that –

    Page runs the ball too.. actually a lot more then they pass the ball. The thing about it is Page has an outstanding defense from last year returning, that held Butler in check for 3 quarters. I’m not sure the NW running game would keep Page’s offense off the field, it would take a more balanced attack.

  13. Northwest may be the favorites to win the conference if Ragsdale wasn’t in the league. They will have that league’s title for quite a while. Sorry Viking Fans at best another CO-championship.

  14. The thing that I admire about the Page players is that they spend a lot of time together off the field. I can’t tell you how many times my refrigerator has been left barren after several players spent some time at my home laughing, joking and talking well into the wee hours of the morning. Let me be the first to tell you…these guys eat, sleep and DREAM Page Pirate football! I believe that knowing each other off the field will somehow help them on it. A couple of them left a little while ago to travel to a camp and some of them that weren’t a part of the camp traveled with them for moral support. That says a lot about their support of each other and I admire that. I also see that a few of these young men have bonded and that bond will last long after their time at Page. I’ve learned that these young men are very respectful, kind and courteous.They may come from different walks of life but their common bond is Pirate football. I love these young men and I am glad I’ve had the pleasure of being in their company–on and off the field!
    Now, if I can j-u-s-t get them to bend Ol’ Rusty’s ear about singing the national anthem………..

  15. nwg needs to realize to be the man you have to beat the man.

    Page sounds so good that the rest of us may as well not even show up. just mail it in.

  16. Lotta talk,

    Yep, so stay home and don’t worry about coming…your five dollars won’t be missed…

  17. So Joe- I see that the game vs Grimsley is September 30th…Page’s home game this year. And the verdict? Is it still going to be the “Jamison Stadium Only” Game again this year? 🙁

  18. Man, why dont we just hand Page the title! All this talk about Page and the kids havent even suited up yet. I love the way Smith is getting no love – just like last season. Trust me when I say SMITH IS RELOADED. Smith 1st game is against NW and NW better come with something other than that runing game. If they do, the game might get ugly like last year.

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