What’s a McAdoo to do? Judge denies injunction for UNC football player

The judge in Durham(no relation) said no beans and how can you spill the beans, when there are No Beans…..

CLICK HERE to read all of the most recent news, involving former UNC football player Michael McAdoo……


  1. Real funny pal. I’ve still got something left and I am headed down your way. Better call some backup.

  2. Why was this even sent to a judge?This out of the jurisdiction of courts of law.
    1. Membership in the NCAA is voluntary.
    2.NCAA members agree to follow all NCAA rules and abide by decisions made by the organization in regards to those rules.
    3.UNC is a member institution of the NCAA.
    4.Participation as a collegiate athlete in an NCAA sport is a priviledge and not a right.
    This was a waste of taxpayers money.

  3. Where is our favorite UNC apologist smh?
    What does smh mean anyway?
    I guess you hope it means SEND MARVIN HOME.
    Marvin could spill the beans any week now.
    This McAdoo injunction may have alerted the NCAA to other academic cheating among UNC athletes.
    I used to just think UNC football was dirty. Now I see that the administration from the top on down is dirty as well.

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