Owners agree on new labor deal and vote to end NFL Lockout:Players to vote tonight at 8pm

The NFL Lockout could end as early as 8:15 this evening…..The owners voted today to end the Lockout and they agreed to a new labor deal….Training camp should be ready to open on August 1….

from www.espn.com:

NFL owners voted to approve the proposed labor agreement with the NFL Players Association on Thursday, putting the potential end of the league’s lockout in the hands of the players, who might vote on the proposed deal Thursday night.

According to sources, the NFL owners voted 31-0 to accept the proposed 10-year collective bargaining agreement, with the Raiders abstaining. Sources told ESPN.com’s John Clayton that the owners have notified the players they would accept this deal contingent on all union matters being resolved next week, and the NFL Players Association being reconstituted as a union.

The likely start of training camps is estimated to be August 1, sources said.

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  1. Andy,may we make 1st week high school predictions for the upcoming season with the teams in our county,northeast,northwest,southwest,southeast,easter,souther..etc
    can we make the first week predictions plz?

  2. With the NFL still on hold, let’s do it…..Some of the key first week games are Page-Davie County(Page), Ragsdale at Grimsley(Ragsdale), and Northwest Guilford at Smith(NWG)….Throw out a few more and we are on our way…..

  3. Good games and who are you taking…..Right now, I’ll go with SWG, Southern and HPC…..

  4. and yeah i have southern,and andrews,and southwest..
    but,why do you have SWG over SE? im just a SWG fan how do yo feel about them

  5. SWG has Brandon Banks up front and he is a Pre-Season 4-A All-State player and he will need to be that, since Southeast will pound the ball out of the Power I….

    Right now SEG has no identity……Every team needs an identity…..How you characterize a certain team and the SWG identity is Banks…..SEG lost a big identifying factor when Mike Fields graduated after last year….RIght now nobody has stepped to fill that role….Maybe by week two or three of the season we will see that from SEG, but you get them in Week One….

    Every team needs that identity…..Page has it in James Summers…..Grimsley in DJ Reader…..I think Dudley has it in Demetrious McCorkle…..Western in the Stadnik Brothers….NWG in a three-fold way with Matt Pawlowski, Reid Baxter and Dillon Dalton….All three are just about equally as important…..Smith has it in Kiandre Thompson…..Ragsdale has it in Trey Grimes and Duncan Sparks as LB’s…..(Ragsdale may change as QB Garrison Herndon develops.)…..High Point Central has it in Lashaurn Monk…..Eastern Guilford has it in Tyler Hunt….Northern Guilford has it in a big way in Daniel Downing(He has been through all the battles for 3 years….)…..Northeast Guilford has it in Jacob McCann(McCann is the heart and soul of this team.)…..Southern Guilford has it in Jamie Cunningham……

    I think every team needs an identity and SEG doesn’t have that yet…….Somebody has to be the face of the team….

    And another thing that would really be neat that we haven’t talked yet, is if John McBeth played football for Nothern Guilford this season…..I t is his senior year….

  6. have you ever seen this banks kid play? i haven’t heard of him? exactly how good is he

  7. Defensive Player of the Year in the Piedmont Athletic Conference last year, Pre-season POY for this year, and Pre-season 4-A All-State defensive line……

  8. do you think swg will be a good football team this year andy they seem to have alot of returting starters?

  9. It all depends on what happens the first days of practice, July 30-August 18…..SWG must find a QB that can run the offense and lead the team…..They must find some reliable support for RB Larry Edwards….If they can win half of their non-conference games, then they should be in decent shape…..The Cowboys will have to rely on their defense to keep them in the thick of things early on and they have to hope that the QB situation gets solid and that they can keep Edwards and Ray Bridges healthy….As we said earlier, Brandon Banks along with Braxton Daye will be the leaders on defense and Daye may have to go over and help the offense at times too….Coach Schwarzer was able to make some good things happen back when he was an assistant over at High Point Central and SWG has to put themselves into position where they are ready to turn the corner and beat Central, Glenn, and Parkland to go 3-3 in the conference then hope for an upset against NWG, Ragsdale or East Forsyth and that will not be easy….Win 2-3 non-conference games and then go at least 3-3 in the Piedmont Triad 4-A and you are on your way……May not be a Championship, but that ought to get you into the playoffs and that is the ultimate starting point……

    I’m sure others might a theory on this topic too…..Touch down and get us what you have….

  10. If I’m not mistaken, Southeast has at least two players that will create a buzz. I think Marquis Haynesworth is still there as a senior (if they didn’t lose him to graduation) and Aaron Taylor. He’s a lil’ guy but has TONS of heart!

  11. Southeast Guilford lost Haynesworth to graduation….He is doing music somewhere now, he was big into the music scene…..

  12. Yeah SWG Defense will be lethal,but three of there returing o-lineman are returing and,a oline that had 2500 rushing yards thats great espically a young line..but time will tell lets see how the qb at sw does,,
    have you seen him ever play andy?

  13. Pre-season notoriety, the edge goes to Blake Hickman….He was named Pre-season All-State and 4-A All-State and Brandon Banks was named 4-A All-State….They play two different type poistions in a way, with Banks along the D-line and Hickman a Liinebacker…..Hickman should have more opportunities to make tackles and he will be involved in some pass coverage….Banks will have to make his name up front with sacks, tackles for a loss and just plain old heavy stops at the line of scrimmage…..

    Two very good football players/athletes and we should hear a lot from both of them this year…..Banks pre-season Conference Player of the Year and and Defensive Conference Player of the Year last year will boost his college credibility…..

  14. Andy,How do you think southwest will fare up it’s not confrence games make a prediction.
    SE-SWG (SWG)
    Eastern vs SWG (SWG)
    Ledofred vs Swg (SWG
    Rockingham vs SWG (SWG
    Andres vs southwest (?)

  15. Andy–you are correct! Marques Haynesworth is really big into getting his music career going. I saw him at McDonald’s and he told me he’s going down to Atlanta to audition for the Voice on Au. 5th!.It didn’t surprise me..he has a BEAUTIFUL voice!

    I wish him well!

    (I’ll be there as well!)

  16. Since the NFL players can’t come to a decision to vote we can keep on voting on the high school season and I’d say early that SWG takes SEG, Ledford and Rockingham County and they would lose to HP Andrews and on Eastern Guilford, still too soon to tell…..Don’t know much about the EG Wildcat offense yet….SEG will be a power running team, so Banks and Daye and others better bring their lunchpail, it will be a full days work to stop the Falcon running game….

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