Players/Coaches moving in and moving on

Plenty of talk on the college basketball summer recruiting trail and the word out of Atlanta and High Point is, that Wesleyan Academy guard Montay Brandon is hot target for Georgia Tech and their new head coach Brian Gregory….Brandon will team up in the backcourt this coming season with Jaquel Richmond and the Trojans will have Theo Pinson and James Tre’ Chapman up front and along the wings, moving to the basket…..Should be a big year for Wesleyan, but High Point Christian may be ready to challenge the Trojans with Diante Baldwin, Stevie Williams and Jackson Kent in the backcourt, plus Aaron Scales, Chuck Obogdo and Michael Obacha up front…..Should make for some hot nights in High Point next season….

I talked to one of the summer coaches for Paris Kea(Page) and the rising high school sophomore is already hearing from many major colleges and she has had a great summer on the showcase/camp tour……Wake Forest is very interested and the word coming in is that all the coaches love her offense, but they are most impressed with her defense….She has the ability to anticipate and she has such quick feet….She can read the opposing offensvie sets and she knows where the players and the ball are going before they get there…..Kea may get an early offer from Wake Forest and don’t be surprised to see other schools jumping in line, with offers too……

Coach Delaney Rudd with the girl’s Phoenix Basketball Program was at Oak Ridge Military Academy last year and this year Delaney has left that program and next season/this season, he will be at the Brittain Academy and they will have a full-fledged girls basketball program/team at Brittain Academy, in Thomasville….Delaney will still have many of his former players with him and they should be very competitive, just like they were last year at ORMA……Delaney knows basketball and he is one of the best girls coaches in our state…..He knows how to develop players and he knows how to take talented players and make them even better……He is a lot like Coach Carter, that used to be at High Point Central, but Delaney is a bit more reserved than Coach Carter was, and that might be an understatement….Good luck to Delaney in his new setting…..(Brittain Academy is now housing students on campus.)

And on a final High Point note, we had announced it at back in April/May, but Harrison Phillips, pitcher/third baseman, from Northeast Guilford High School, has committed to attend High Point University and the two parties made it official-official this week, if wasn’t already a done deal, from back in the Spring……Good luck to Harry, he was one of the main cogs in the wheel that got the NEG Rams rolling into the State 3-A Finals this season…..

And as Mr. Paul Harvey/Walter Cronkite used to say, “That’s the way it is/was for Thursday July 21, 2011″……..Good Day!


  1. We are not bringing in all these players this year to be 4th place out of 5 in the conference like last year. We had plenty of talent last year. Gatlin better get the boys going with all this talent.

  2. You have said a few things on this website before and all of them have been negative toward Wesleyan in some way. Are you sure you are really a “trojan fan”

  3. Not to my knowledge….Many of the local players that play with the Phoenix girls team that traveled to the the “Battle of the Boro”, up in Murfreesboro, Tennessee were getting looks/we being see from/by upwards of 30-40 major college coaches during that Showcase Tournament…..The “Battle of the Boro” was a big one…..

  4. Wow,

    The problem is I am a big fan. I think we got something special brewing for this coming season – talent wise.

    The problem I have is Gatlin reminds me a lot of Sydney Lowe. He is a great recruiter, great player, and not as good of a coach as I wished.

  5. I find humorous how so many of you have no problem coming on a message board and bash coaches while hiding behind a computer screen when the majority of you know little to nothing about what it takes to coach while juggling the egos these kids have because their parents have told them how great they are (even the completely mediocre ones) while getting criticized by you clueless clowns. Do any of you realize that you are being counter productive?

    Funny thing is many of you think guys who win games with better talent than most are good coaches. Some of the best coaches are guys who dont win championships every year but get the best out of lesser talent and compete with more talented teams (and may not win all the time) but their players play hard and are well coached. There are good examples of that in Guilford County every year.

  6. coach defender

    exactly. people are quick to judge when chances are they know nothing. trojan fan is already bashing his “team” and blaming the coach and the season hasnt started. a good example of a successful team with not as much talent would be last years grimsley team they had players transfer and like four key injuries and still made a long playoff run.

  7. Agreed. Last year’s Grimsley team was very successful. It was definitely a job well done.

  8. I agree that parents have some sort of belief around here in believing that their kids are all ACC bound and that is the only way to judge a kids talent level. What a joke and false belief that is. Nothing is further from the truth. All this transfering on both the boys and girls squads is a wide misconception. Berating coaches is another one. Coach Corbett over at Grimsley has done an excellent job of coaching his team up and does not rely on kids whom believe that they are bigger than the program and that some better deal is out there. If paernts are falling into that trap of believing that better exposure and mixing with quote unquote “Go where the talent is loaded” as a precursor to getting their kids into college, may want to think through that again? Oh and by the way, All this reclassing stuff needs to come to some sort of halt because if one is not careful, some kid or their parents are going to feel as though they have been mislead and that could lead to some very ill will. ” GET IT DONE WHERE YOU ARE AT AND THE YEAR THAT YOU ARE IN” especially if you really believe that you are the player that you think you are. The college that recruits you will be glad to have you versus wishful thinking.

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