Hitting Zone wins one of two on Saturday at Palomino Baseball Regional in Virginia Beach

Game One:
Lynnhaven 7
The Hitting Zone 3

Game Two:
The Hitting Zone 7
Kempsville 4

The Hitting Zone needs to win two games versus Lynnhaven, Virginia on Sunday with Game One at 11am…..Game Two will follow if necessary and THZ must win Game One to force the Game Two in this Double Elimination tourmament….


  1. I mean you have the top players in the area or so they say and they can’t even beat Lock haven in palomino ball which is like the little leagues when it comes to competition……what kind of coaches are they to pitch a top prospect on Sunday 7 innings and turn around and pitch the same kid on Tuesday in relief??? What the heck is summer ball coming too….

  2. What the heck are you talking about. They haven’t played but Friday night and Saturday. Know what you are talking about before you post. Who is Lock Haven. It is Lynnhaven. They won the Palomino World Series last year and is a very good organiization.

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