Area players with Top Numbers from last season, that should improve on those numbers this season

Top Rushing Numbers from 2010 for local players that are returning this season…..(Mycah Gaylord-Dudley 2,178 yards/19 TD’s and Michael Fields-Southeast Guilford 1,945 yards/29 TD’s among the Top Area rushers from last season.)…..

Back for 2011 and how they fared last season:
James Summers(Page) 175 carries, 1,267 yards/16 TD’s….
Reid Baxter(Northwest Guilford) 166 carries, 1,221 yards/14 TD’s…
T.J. Logan(Northern Guilford) 95 carries, 1,072 yards/14 TD’s…..
Drew Rogers(Page) 144 carries, 1,028 yards/16 TD’s…

Top Passers from the area(Drew Adams(High Point Central) was tops, in 2010, going 222-348 in passing with 3,300 yards/23 TD’s…..
Top Returning Passers:
Jamie Cunningham(Southern Guilford) 2,559 yards/28 TD’s…..
Josh Thompson(Western Guilford) 2,116 yards/10 TD’s…
James Summers(Page) 1,623 yards/21 TD’s….
Matt Pawlowski(Northwest Guilford) 1,506 yards/15 TD’s….
Daniel Downing(Northern Guilford) 1,295 yards/9 TD’s….

Top Receivers from the area with Derek Grant(High Point Central) tops from 2010 with 89 receptions for 1,421 yards/10 TD’s…While Maurice Harris(Northern Guilford) had 54 catches for 1,104 yards/12 TD’s….
Top Returning Receivers:
Lashuran Monk(High Point Central) 1,076 yards/7 TD’s….
Orlando Hatfield(Page) 846 yards/14 TD’s….
Matt Colvin(Southern Guilford) 824 yards/10 TD’s….

Top Tacklers from the area with Mark Mitchell(Northern Guilford) tops in 2010 with 168 tackles and he is returning for the Nighthawks, plus Hunter English(Western Guilford) had 156 tackles and he is now a freshman at Guilford College….
Top Returning Tacklers along with Mark Mitchell(Northern Guilford 168:
Blake Hickman(Page) 145
Logan Lover(Northwest Guilford) 136
Shawn Workinger(Page) 120
Jacob McCann(Northeast Guilford) 100

Sack leaders from the area with Daniel Boateng(Smith) 15 sacks and Eric Ebron(Smith) 13.5 the area leaders for 2010 and Telvin Tatum(Smith) is the returning sack leader with 11.5 from last year and he’s back for 2011……

For the area Interception leaders we had Maurice Harris(Northern Guilford) with 10 last year and Austen Thompson(Southern Guilford) had 8….
Top Returning INT leaders:
Kevn Parrish(Northwest Guilford) 5
William Henry(Page) 5

Fumble Recoveries from last year with Trey Purcell(Northern Guilford) with 4 fumble recoveries in 2010 and he is the top returning leader, since he is back as a Junior in 2011….

Top Kickers returning for 2011:
Matt Brandon(Southern Guilford) with 52 PAT’s and 5 FG’s for 67 points in 2010…
Brad Davis(Ragsdale) with 45 PAT’s and 6 FG’s for 63 points in 2010….

And that’s a good look at some of the key returning numbers, from some of the key returning players, for 2011…..

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  1. I’m a Crest fan just checking out this site because we scrimmage Page down at the jamboree in Charlotte in a week or so. And I have to say, there is a reason the Pirates are getting some good hype….. look at those numbers. 2 of the top rushers, a top passer, a top receiver, 2 of the top returning tacklers. According to this list Summers and Rogers accounted for 53 touchdowns, all they can do is improve on that this year. It’s going to be a great scrimmage down in the queen city. Ledbetter and Bullard should be able to keep Page at bay for a bit though. Page should come out an even better team after going toe to toe with my Chargers and Independence.

  2. Chargers is nothing more than another Page fan telling us all how they’re the greatest thing since sliced bread…..hahaha!!!!!

  3. Hey chargers, nice to see you on the site! Make yourself at home.

    I can’t wait for Page to get down there in Charlotte. It’s going to be a dandy. Page does have some other guys at receiver that will put up similar numbers to what Hatfield did last year, yardage wise. Page has some skill guys that are flying under the proverbial radar.. Crest will need some great outside cover guys to get the job done. Ledbetter is a monster though, congrats to him committing to Flordia. Summers can play some safety too and he is technically the 2nd string safety O_O !!

  4. yeahh…right –

    I’m far from a Page fan, I graduated from Crest in ’98 and i have lived in boiling springs my whole life. We played Page 3 years in a row, from my sophomore year to my sr year in high school, so i have great respect for them. I’m just giving credit where it is due and i’m looking forward to the scrimmage….. Are people like you on this site always so childish?

  5. Hey Chargers,

    Just how good is the Bullard kid? I have been reading a lot about this young man.

  6. Andy,

    Can you post how many carries each of the returning RB’s had last season? I was just wondering what each of their yards per carry looked like.

  7. Got the # of carries in there for the RB’s and welcome to the Crest fan and thanks for checking us out…..Saw your team in the final game last year and our Guilford County team, the Northern Guilford Nighthawks were fortunate to defeat your Chargers in the Championship game….Crest, a well-coached team led by Mark Barnes and they had the mark of a champion, you just couldn’t see it all that well in that fog and I remember you guys again, a few years earlier when you beat our Dudley Panthers at BB&T Field(Groves Stadium) with Brandon Spikes on your side and Coach Roy Kirby was your leader at that time…..The Green Bay Packers of NC HS football have a very sound and solid program….(They sure look like Green Bay with that color scheme…..)

    Maybe we’ll see a re-match with Crest and Northern Guilford this year….Would be a lot of fun to see it again…….

  8. Andy and Pager, thanks for the welcome and kind words. the crest defense will be very good this year, but the one thing that is somewhat of a question mark this year is breaking in the new QB. This is where Page might have the upper hand on us at the scrimmage. Summers looks like the real deal, NC State is very lucky to have him as a commitment.

  9. @ chargers–

    It’s good to see someone from a whole ‘nother region recognize the talent that the Page Pirates have. Your question ” Are people like you on this site always so childish?” Well to answer..since you’re new to this site, I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on that! Lol!! In the meantime, it’s refreshing to know that there are others out there that respect the players and that “WE” (the Page fans) do not have to switch our name(s) up to cosign or validate comments!

    Again..thanks and I’m sure I can speak for Andy and the rest of the gang by saying/typing….”welcome to this site!”

  10. Where do the numbers come from? Not every play is represented and every web site. If his numbers are not sent to web site a players numbers may be as good as others. No one is required to put in football stats as in someother sports. Do you have any punting numbers?

  11. We do have the punting numbers, but no one local was listed among the leaders from last year…… provide the numbers and they did a very good job of compiling their numbers and even so. the coaches still have to send them in….We saw NWG, NG, Page, Smith, Ragsdale, High Point Central, NEG, Southern, Western, and there may have been more listed….Coaches and many cases, an assistant coach is delegated these duties to send the numbers in each week to NCPreps…..

  12. He will fill in nicely next year but can he play another position this year? I hope so cause they need all the help they can get. I looked up some stats from texas and looks like he played JV football as QB and DB on Varsity last year. I could be wrong. Always good for a team to get additional talent. Good Luck Tex.

  13. Chargers,
    This scrimmage will be personal for Page, look for them to put a serious beat down on all u charlotte area teams, dont say I didnt tell you so.

    Vegas Mike

  14. just wanted to let you no andy j mccann had 139 tackles and as a full back 950yards look for great season with the mccann boys in the back field
    and side by side as line backers

  15. We will be watching for the McCanns and the NEG battle with Southern ought to be one of the best in the county this season….I saw Jacob in action last year and he is one of those kids that you can really count on to bust his tail for you on both sides of the ball and I look forward to seeing him go 150-175 in tackles this season and for him to rush for at least 1,200 yards……Caleb will be right in there too and he ought to be able to run the QB spot with his pitching background, if Kyle Martin were to go down and I honestly look for Kyle Martin to be somewhere near 1,000 yards in rushing this year too….

    Mount Tabor at Dudley next Wednesday night August 10 at around 6pm…….Spartans and Panthers next Weds. night at Dudley…….This will give Mount Tabor some reall good work prior to the NewBridge Bank Jamboree at their place next Friday and then Dudley goes down to Burlington for Eastern Alamance, Williams and Cummings next Friday August 12……

  16. One more note on the Southern Guilford at Northeast Guilford meeting comnig up this season and the thing that makes this game so interesting….

    Both teams have so much offense at their disposal and they can run quick offenses…It doesn’t have to be all power plays…..

    NEG has QB Kyle Martin and RB’s Jacob and Caleb McCann and Southern has QB Jamie Cunningham, RB Malik Mosley and WR Matt Colvin…..

    This should again, make for a great game and the defenses will be tested that night and both squads better bring their track shoes….I have seen Martin and he can keep you in a game and McCann can run into you like a bulldog and then go by you and Cunninghan is one of the best QB’s in the state and with Mosley running and Colvin receiving, this is going to be a REAL GOOD ONE!

  17. @ Turbo (and anyone else that is interested)
    To answer your question directly, its on August 11th at 6pm. More info below..

    South Mecklenburg High School Jamboree invitational — it is going to be one of the better jamborees/scrimmages in the state. A lot of great teams.

    Crest is a 3A state title favorite
    Sun Valley will be a contender in 4A.
    Page is going to contend for a state title in 4AA(possibly 4A) this year
    Davie was 4A runners-up last year
    Independence is well.. Independence – loaded
    Nationally ranked Northwestern, SC are the SC 2010 4A II State Champions
    South Meck/Ashbrook will be pretty solid this year too

    Thursday Aug. 11 start time 6 pm.

    Teams in attendance:
    Davie Co.
    Northwestern, SC
    South Meck
    Sun Valley

    Round 1
    Independence vs. Ashbrook – outside the stadium
    South Meck vs. Page – Inside the stadium
    Crest vs. N’western, SC – outside the stadium
    Davie County vs Sun Valley – inside the stadium

    Round 2
    N’western, SC vs. Davie County – inside the stadium
    Independence vs. Sun Valley – outside the stadium
    South Meck vs. – Ashbrook – inside the stadium
    Page vs Crest – outside the stadium

    Round 3
    N’western, SC vs. South Meck – inside the stadium
    Crest vs. Sun Valley – inside the stadium
    Independence vs. Page – outside the stadium
    Davie County vs. Ashbrook- outside the stadium

  18. To Mike says:
    Page may have a rough time in the scrimmage vs Crest….No question Page is very, very good, but…Crest can run the three headed monster, control the clock and keep the ball out of the Summers kids hands…..To be honest….this is how and one of the only ways that Page can be beat this year…Page will need to focus on the “D” baby—-it wins championships

  19. You are right on the money with that. I think the only team to beat Page will be Page!

    Vegas Mike

  20. At one time he was very interested in South Carolina, but not sure if there have been any offers…Don’t know the whole story…..

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