Where will ACC Commissoner John Swofford stand when the NCAA lays the lumber to UNC? A few years back in a similar situation he took Clemson to the woodshed

Say it ain’t so Johnny, say it ain’t so……It happened a few years ago(1982) when the NCAA was coming down on Clemson and Johnny Swofford(Elkin HS) was still the AD at UNC and you won’t believe the actions taken by Swofford, as he led fellow-ACC ADs that followed, on a take-down vote of Clemson, that leaves you shaking your head and you can be sure Danny Ford never forgot that Swofford move…..The NCAA had already leveled their sanctions on Clemson back in the early 80’s and while Clemson was down, Johnny Swofford said, let’s stomp on the Tigers while they are down…..(It was almost like smacking Clemson in the face and then stabbing them in the back…..)

Chuck Oliver, at his web blog on football, has the inside on this maneuver and now the question comes up, ‘as the leader of the teams in the ACC’, how far will the Swofford hammer swing and extend, when the NCAA lays the lumber on UNC in October?????

Just a tad from Chuck Oliver that really cuts to the heart of the matter, as the NCAA had finished their findings and placed their sanctions on Clemson in 1982:
In a behind-closed-door meeting called by Swofford(then-UNC AD) and including every athletic director in the conference . . . except Clemson’s . . . the now-ACC Commissioner stated, essentially, that the ACC was a hallowed collection of academic institutions that shouldn’t be sullied by the rule-breaking of one member institution interested only in winning. Therefore, Swofford continued, all should agree that what the NCAA handed down simply was not severe enough. Even though Clemson, one of their own in the league, was at its lowest point ever, the ACC should add another year of sanctions.

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  1. I am sure that Swofford knows that he will be called out negatively by Clemson and a few other ACC schools if he does not desire to hammer UNC more than the NCAA does.On the other hand if the NCAA gives UNC Southern Cal + sanctions then he would not have to do anything and be ok.Also he may not worry too much about his reputation anymore since he is at retirement age. I suppose what he does will be dependent on how long he wants to be the ACC Commissioner.

  2. I continue to be surprised by people who just “Don’t get it!” Perhaps some people should go back to their hometown and sue their local school board for denying them the right to a proper education. In the cause of brevity let me briefly and consisely explain. I remember well the attitude and actions the our ol’ buddy “Swoffie” exhibited and, quite frankly enjoyed, while he was railroading the kangaroo court that tacked that extra year onto Clemson’s probation. There is not doubt that Clemson was guilty. The NCAA gave us what we deserved. The thing that was most resoundingly hurtful and, therefore, permanently etched into my memory (along with thousands of other Clemson alumni and supporters) was the “Holier than thou” aspect with which “Swoffie” did his thing.

    We were all disillusioned by what “our” school had done. It was painful and depressing. To have “Swoffie” swoop in and make it even worse was an unnecessary act of rubbing our noses in it. It matters not what the NCAA penalty is for UNC. In fact, I will be somewhat surprised if it is more than a slap on the wrist. Regardless of its severity or lack thereof, I sincerely hope that “Swoffie” remembers that with the class act that is the ACC, the NCAA’s decision will NOT be enough because the ACC adheres to a higher standard. I doubt the quality of “Swoffie’s” memory. I suspect that he will fade away into retirement giving his alma matter one final gift for the “very special” people he considers them to be.

    I hope to be proven wrong. It might actually restore some of my faith in the conference. But…perhaps I am the Lone Ranger in thinking that.

  3. I agree with TigerAlum – Clemson fans have thought of the ACC as either the “Anti Clemson Conference” or “All Carolina Conference” since Swofford’s actions in the early 80s. I hope Swofford doesn’t disappoint us, but I am not holding my breath…

  4. First of all I was pleased to see the 2 Clemson fans posts here.
    I know you 2 have the right to expect justice. Also I believe that UNC is beyond the wrist slap sanctions.
    Even Dick Baddour has told close friends that UNC will get hit hard.There is more dirt on that program to be uncovered.
    I believe that if Swofford wants to remain as Commish and still have any respect from league members not named UNC he must add ACC sanctions to their NCAA ones. The best thing for Clemson fans to do now is to post on any and all of these boards what you have posted here. Go to the Duke,VaTech,NC State,Wake, Ga Tech, Fla St & Miami boards and post. I am sure all of them have topics about the UNC “REVIEW”.The more people that are reminded of Swofford’s previous attack on Clemson the better for all ACC schools not named UNC.

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