NCAA Recruiting Check List from Billy Carson

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NCAA Check List for Recruiting…..

The following is being posted for Parents and Student Athletes who are trying to
determine the real level of interest a college coach has for you during the
recruiting process. It is very accurate and candid assesment:

Coach noticed you:

. Mailed a questionaire to fill out and return
. Mailed a summer camp application
. On the school’s athletic mailing list

Coach is interested in you:

. All of the above
. Calls your high school coach
. Comes to see you play
. Emails you regularly
. Mails you a media guide and school information

Coach is very interested:

. All of the above
. Sets up phone conversation with you
. Sees you play more than once

Coach is committed:

. All of the above
. Sets u regualr phone calls
. Invites you to make an official or unofficial visit
. Offers you a scholarship