High School Scoring Desk – Week #1 – August 19, 2011

UPDATE #15 – 10:24 PM – NEG/WG game still playing as we close tonight’s desk.

High Point Central – 20
High Point Andrews – 27

Northwest Guilford – 49
Smith – 14

Final – courtesy Coach Stanley
Ragsdale – 37
Grimsley – 7

Northeast Guilford – 42
Western Guilford – 35

0 Qtr
Southern Guilford – 0
Eastern Guilford – 0

Southwest Guilford – 13
Southeast Guilford – 32

Final – courtesy Underdogs Unite!!
Page – 41
Davie County – 7

Dudley – 28
Southern Durham – 35

Northern Guilford

Any extra scores, please place in replies and I will move to the main article on the next update.


  1. Page just scored…A—gain! Lol! 5:34 left in the 1/4 score Page- 14 DC 0. Wait..page just got an interception and scored. Score is Page 21 to 0

  2. More flags here than @ the U.N. page 34-7. Battery is low. Will update the final score.

  3. Reader did great. Had three or four hanging on him every play. Had some solid carries. Grimsley hung tough through the first half and had some solid scoring chances. Have to hand it to Ragsdale for taking advantage of the numberous mistakes and turnovers.

  4. Not sure how tough Davie HS is this year. But it’s great to see Page come out of the blocks with a big win. They’ll have their hands full next week against Northern. Can’t wait! Go Pirates.

  5. Thanks Emily! Outstanding performance by the Pirates. Incidently, we had two TD’s taken away from us. Go figure. Great game. Time to head on back to. Greensboro.

  6. why do they have an elite OG/OT playing RB/FB, that must be the dumbest move on the head coach.. i can see if it is your last season n all but still seriously, play the guy at the position he is meant for.

  7. Ah, it wouldn’t be a Page game without at least one TD called back due to a penalty. I wasn’t there so I don’t know if those penalties were legit or bogus. Page got flagged on some very dubious calls last year. And they were absolutely screwed in the Ragsdale game last year. I don’t know why the refs have it in for Page every year; that’s why Gillespie has got to drill it into those kids; play smart. No late hits, no holding, keep it on the up and up. It’s enough Page has to play the defending state champs next Friday; they don’t have to play against the zebras, too.

  8. I agree. Reader is a beast and tough to bring down but he needs to be in the trenches where he belongs. Nothing wrong with lining him up at FB every once in awhile. Ragsdale looked ok. Not great. Secondary needs work. Had a hard time running inside. In the 4th quarter Eleazer scored twice set up by interceptions. Backup qb herndon scored after a fumble. Davis had a 41yd fg in 3rd. Good weapon to have

  9. Hey john whine much? Geeze you didn’t even see the game tonight and you are whining about calls ina game page won easy?

    What will be your excuse when Norwood beats Gillespie again this year?

  10. You again? I forgot that you post here. I’ll try to type slower so you understand me. I clearly said I was not at the game tonight so I don’t know if the calls were legit or bogus. No worries; you’ll catch on after you read the post for another 30 minutes.

    Make sure Norwood’s check to the zebras clears in time for this year’s game. 🙂

  11. John John John.

    Clearly you are the one that has lost touch with reality. Yes I read and comprehended your post without any difficulties. I even acknowledged your comment where you said you weren’t at the game tonight. Yet you still found it reasonable to complain about the calls in a game you DIN”T EVEN SEE.

    Only from a whiny Page fan…

  12. OK..I was able to see one of the calls and it was clearly BOGUS. The other one..well, we had a minor distraction and I wanted to check on a player so I didn’t get to see the other call to determine if it was bogus or not. The thing is, Page will have to run up the score if they’re put in the same position again. Heck…the refs can’t take back ALL the TDs..can they? Lol! Good job Pirates! This one is in the books now it’s time to look to next week.

  13. Did anyone see Trey Grimes, Ragsdale linebacker, lay out DJ Reader early in the 3rd period? Grimes came on a blitz and came straight at Reader. I believe he was shocked by the hit. Reader wasn’t effective the rest of the game. Grimsley has a lot of athletes but definitely are poorly coached.

  14. so that was who put Reader on his rump. I lost the number of who did it but was shocked to see Reader knocked back like that. Should have known it was Grimes.

  15. Debo just told me that Northern wasn’t scheduled to play. I can only imagine how that game is going to be next week. Interesting…..

    G’nite, peeps!

  16. Summers ran for 248 yards on 16 keepers, 2 TDs. 85 passing yards, 2 TDs.

    Rogers piled up 69 yards on nine carries before leaving early in the third with cramps. Page was backed up at their 12 yard line with 8:29 left in the 3rd. Rogers had just been carted off with cramps. Summers kept the ball around left end and ran 88 yards for the score, bumping the margin to 34-7.

  17. Some tidbits from the Salisbury Post:

    “The first quarter was a hair-raiser for Davie. Page returned a punt 48 yards to the Davie 18, and it was 7-0 three plays later. Page quarterback James Summers scored on a 46-yard run, barely getting touched.

    Two plays later, Page was in the end zone again, this time courtesy of its defense. William Henry picked off Adam Smith and went 37 yards. Page’s third offensive possession resulted in a third score, this time on a Summers 10-yard pass to running back Drew Rogers.

    1:15 left in the first quarter, it was 27-0.”

    Summers ran for 248 yards on 16 keepers, 2 TDs. 85 passing yards, 2 TDs.

    RB Drew Rogers piled up 69 yards on nine carries before leaving early in the third with cramps. Page was backed up at their 12 yard line with 8:29 left in the 3rd. Rogers had just been carted off with cramps. Summers kept the ball around left end and ran 88 yards for the score, making it 34-7.

    Summers with a 12 yard TD pass to Orlando Hatfield. 41-7

    Salisbury Post Quote:
    “I’m glad he’s on our team,” Page coach Kevin Gillespie said. “He’s a special kid. When things are going down, our tailback is going out cramping, he comes up and says: ‘Coach, give me the ball.’ There’s only certain players that I’ve coached in 20-plus years that look you right in the eye and say, ‘Coach, I’ve got you,’ and I believe them.”

  18. WOW Southern Durham ran all over Dudley. I thought Southern’s strength was their passing game?

  19. I think Ron is the only person to pick SEG over SWG other than me. I read about SWG fans expecting a blow. Well, they got one, but this year they were on the wrong end of it. Will looks comfortable this year at QB and has slimmed down. The defense was impressive except for on the pass where the safety got beat. The line did an okay job, but I’m sure Fritz will find a way to get better line play. Also, my little brother ran hard, lead the team in yards, but didn’t manage to find the end zone. His run carrying a few SWG defenders made the Channel 2 news highlights.

  20. What happened in Durham from anyone that was at the Dudley game? Last year Dudley’s offensive was stick in the mud and everything was based on the running game. It appears they may be airing it out more if they scored 28 pts but to give up 35 pts in the same game. Defense has always been the heart of the Dudley program – so what happened? Was the Durham team just that good or was Dudley just not ready to play.

  21. You know, it’s funny…Some of you think that we as Page Pirate supporters are whiners. Well, you are indeed entitled to your opinion and I won’t knock it. However, when you see players score and score and score and score (well, you get the picture–Lol!!!) only to have it taken away because of a call against them (that happens A LOT)…IT MAKES YOU WONDER Yes, it goes both ways, Page’s kids have had some flags against them but what causes ME (and I can only speak/type for myself) to feel as I do is because it seems to be ironic that there are a mighty high number of calls against Page when they’ve scored….resulting in them getting the TD taken away.

    I’ve NEVER NOT ONCE said that I was a football expert or analysis so let me get some feedback from someone who knows their numbers. Is there a local team out there that (just for arguments sake, we’ll use last year) that had as many TD’s recalled as Page has?

    I’d really enjoy hearing from someone knowledgable in this area.

    Until then, Page will continue to have a bull’s eye on their back.

    And let’s not forget something, people..although these kids may be as big and or eat as much as adults, they are still young men and they do read some of the things YOU type (on a blog) about them.

  22. although dudley is still missing a couple key starters on defense due to some injuries throughout the summer it was no excuse for how they stunk up the field yesterday. you wont find manny teams that have a bigger front 7 the dudley’s but southern durham is just gigantic! (them and hillside) i dont know whats in that durham water but greensboro needs some. our front 7 on defense got that their butts kicked. the secondary made all the tackles last night.. words cant describe how mad coach davis was at his defense….. it was still a great game.. …. offense was rolling all night…. they were killing the spartans defense…. southern durham had the ball last and scored….see you next week in jamestown. should be a great game against ragsdale

  23. @ KnightHawk Country—

    Where ya at, homey?????? As you know….The Page Pirates….DON’T PLAY!!!! In fact, the ONLY class we skip is recess ’cause WE DON’T PLAY!

    Bring it!!!!!


  24. NightNation bring plenty of dirt from your home field because when the Pirates get done with you we will
    have something to bury you with.
    See you guys on Friday.

  25. Lots and lots of comments….Someone was saying players took some hard shots last hits last night…..There were plenty of hits going around last night…..The ones that laid the lumber, they can dish it and the ones that took the shots, they can take it……There will be more hard shots in the future and I’m sure most of our big men and our small guys can take it too…..

    On more linemen talk on the radio, over the years the key has been down and distance, the score over an over again and the current game time……Quarter/Half and the time on the clock…..It is a must to have the proper ball carrier and to know who scored and who didn’t……Down and distance and the game setting…..Time on the clock and the time when they scored…..9:53 to go in the first quarter and Team A over Team B 21-21 on Blah, Blah, Blah station……Many times the blocks and the guys up front become secondary, maybe they shouldn’t, but that’s the way it is……You have to watch the offense, they come before the defense and they have the ball…..The man that has the ball and guy that scores with that ball and how he did it are what the majority of the fans want to know….

    That is just the way it is….The fans come out to see and to hear about offense…..Who won the game, the team with the most points and how did they get them????

    Just a few thoughts and we will try and get a few more linemen notes on the games in the future if that is what the fans are looking for……I’m for the most part calling the ball because for the most part that is what dictates the flow of the game…..I started doing this type of work, being a former knowing lineman and knowing already that they don’t get much attention….I have always looked to get more attention to those who are not getting their due, but I quickly learned that eb and flow of the game starts in the backfield and flow wherever the balls is…..

    Just a few thoughts and my ten cents worth…….

    When we hear concerns we always do our best to hear those concerns and that is what makes us such good team players…..I’ve seen it and heard it and now time to go do it again……

    Being a lineman back in the day, I asked a coach once why we didn’t get more publicity….He told me if I wanted more pub, then change positions….I told him, OK, then I’m changing positions…..He then told me in no uncertain terms to go back to what I was doing if I still wanted a job…..And long story short, shut up and get back to work on the line….

    Hey at least we are listening…….

  26. Andy, you and Jim do a great job on the Radio. Don’t let one parent try and tell you guys how its done just because he wants his son;s name on the radio. It’s selfish and childish.

  27. Let me clear this up right now!! My son is the NWG center and I was at the game and was not listening to the radio! I don’t know who this Jeff Campbell guy was but he is not the father of the player from NWG!!!

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