High School Football Saturday Morning rewind:Looking back at last night’s games

There were several surprises last night, as we look back at Week Number One of the high school football season…..

First one more glance at that those final scores….

Page 41-7 over Davie County…..Southern Durham tops Dudley 35-28….Northwest Guilford moved past Smith 49-14….Ragsdale took care of Grimsley 37-7…..Northeast Guilford withstood the late charge by Western Guilford to take the win at WG, 42-34….Southern Guilford stopped Eastern 27-0…..High Point Andrews won the battle of High Point, edging HP Central 27-20 and Southeast Guilford showed they still have it, defeating Southwest Guilford, 32-13….

Surprises would have to be the fact that SEG still has something left in the fold in Falcon land….Big-time interception return of 90 yards by Brent Frazier and still some running to go with it…..Kir Turner’s opening kickoff going back 72 yards was also a plus and in the end, SEG is looking stronger than many thought and Southwest still has a lot of work left to do…..

Western Guilford is a surprise finishing very tough, with their late charge to make the game very interesting, versus Northeast…..Looks like Josh Thompson got hot and threw for over 300 yards and his new running back Jameere Ollison was very effective on the ground….Don’t understand the time expired on the last WG extra point attempt, but you have to believe that with no time left on the clock, there was no need for a kick or a two-point conversion try…..Good job by Western Guilford though in that comeback…..

A little surprised that High Point Andrews got past HP Central, but Andrews always has great athletes and DJ Miller was on the board three times for Andrews last night….Central’s Zerrick Baker was the money man for the Bison……

Ragsdale’s Marquez Eleazor had a fine night on the first Friday of the season, with 200 plus yards rushing and a couple of TD’s and new Tiger QB Garrison Herndon turned in a solid performance, in his first varsity start…..Two touchdown passes for Herndon…

Dudley losing to Southern Durham was a bit of a blow, but Dudley will be back, or at least you would think they will be….Panthers always a stern defense, but giving up 35 points in the opener…..

Big night for Southern Guilford’s Jamie Cunningham, with four TD passes in his first game of the season…..A lot to be said about winning your opening game 27-0 and lot to said for accounting for all the scores and Matt Colvin hauled in two of those Cunningham TD passes…..Southern will be a team to reckoned with, don’t you reckon……..

Page won 41-7 over Davie County, but I didn’t see the Page report making it to the papers, or to the local wires….Will be interesting to see how they did, as far as the scoring and yardage goes…..

Our feature game last night, was Northwest Guilford at Smith and for a first game of the year, or any of game of the year for that matter, the NWG Vikings looked impressive…..You have already seen it and relived it a few times, but Reid Baxter taking that opening kickoff back all the way was huge…..The 85-yard return for the TD set the tone for the entire game and maybe set the tone for the entire season for Northwest……Baxter ended up with 4 TD’s overall and Dalton Dillon had a big strong night on the ground for the Vikings, who have a load of runningbacks….Coach Joe Woodruff kept on telling us in the preseason that he had a bus load of runningbacks and he was spot-on right…..Baxter, Dillon, Kyle Kristy, Anthony Harding and the list goes on and on……Matt Pawlowski ran a masterful show as the Vikings’ QB and hit Ryan Overcash on several key passes and I believe he lined up for another key pass completion to Kristy……Pawlowski managed a steady and tight ship last night for NWG…..The late interception by Parker Scaggs was also big, as he broke up a long Kahlen Pratt pass play with a pick, on a drive where Smith was threatening, as the Golden Eagles had just begun to develop some late-game, second half momentum…….Not sure who all those Northwest Guilford linemen are yet, but needless to say they did a fine job…..We will have to learn more about them as the season unfolds…..We do know Pawlowski, Baxter, Dillon, Kristy, Harding, Overcash and the new kid Ritz also was steady and solid checking in, as Matt Pawlowski’s backup……NWG has some offense and their defense was very stingy last night……Saw Kevin Parrish in on some big plays and had not seen him play before…..Logan Lover was strong at LB and the Smith kid for NWG, was also very active last night……

*****Also a shout out from one of our readers to NWG’s offensive line coach Steve Olea, who just married his wife Kendra this summer.
She is a teacher at Archer. Good job coach……*****

A fun night to start the season and it should be a lot more fun as the weeks go by……..


  1. Great start to the season Vikings!!! Solid performance from everyone–linemen and backs on both sides of the ball. After all the talk from the Smith Fans this summer, all we heard from the Eagles side last night was “Crickets…Crickets…Crickets”.

  2. although dudley is still missing a couple key starters on defense due to some injuries throughout the summer it was no excuse for how they stunk up the field yesterday. you wont find manny teams that have a bigger front 7 the dudley’s but southern durham is just gigantic! (them and hillside) i dont know whats in that durham water but greensboro needs some. our front 7 on defense got that their butts kicked. the secondary made all the tackles last night.. words cant describe how mad coach davis was at his defense….. it was still a great game.. …. offense was rolling all night…. they were killing the spartans defense…. southern durham had the ball last and scored….see you next week in jamestown. should be a great game against ragsdale

  3. Taking nothing away from the Vikings win last night…however I can’t decide if NW looked good or Smith looked that bad.
    Smith looked like a middle school team a lot different from last year. This was too easy for NW it will get a lot harder.
    Congrats Vikings

  4. Most of Smith’s offensive production came on gimmicky plays (fake punt, reverse) converted a few 4 and longs but botched a few opportunities to put some points on the board. Smith’s defense was just plain terrible and Northwest was just gashing the big fellas up front for Smith. Not to mention, NW does have some speedy backs and when Smith did settle into the tempo of the game, NW just left Smith in the dust on outside runs. Also don’t forget NW went 5 for 6 passing for 120 yards and while most certainly things will get much tougher for NW, the Vikings appear to be up to the challenge.

  5. Andy —
    I posted mostly some of my own comments and some comments from the salisbury post, on the Page/Davie game in the scores article. The N&R didn’t send out a reporter and tried to call Coach G after the game and I guess he was busy, which is why they had no write up. Check it out in the other articles comment box.

  6. OH EAGLEZ!!! Where are you? You said we were too small and too slow. Why would you say that? Were you living in the past? Well, this is now and enjoy the ride cause if Coach Brewington can’t find relief for those poor linemen who play both ways every down, they are gonna have a tough season. Got to get the big guys some rest so they can function.

  7. The Smith and Southwest fans probably talked more on this board in the last month than any other fans. It’s funny how quiet they are today. Smith was going to roll over over the Metro and anyone who didn’t think so were haters, and Southwest was going to roll SE b/c they didn’t want none. Ouch.

  8. Brian,

    I agree that no one should be naming scores before the 1st game of the season is even played. It’s hard to say what’s going to happen until a team hits the field in a real game. I saw one SWG fan post a possible 42-13 score. Andy even quoted a score, but he felt the game would be close with SEG taking a loss. Most people here watch and follow their own team. We aren’t getting paid and don’t put in the proper time to evaluate each team in the area. Yes, Michael Fields is gone. Yes, SWG blasted SEG 29-0 in the opener last year, but I also knew the QB had basically no experience at the Varsity level at that time. They also had several Sophomores playing key roles. Well, those Sophomores are now Juniors and they have talent to go along with a will to win. This junior class has done nothing but win from the middle school to JV. They are ready to shake things up a bit. They are ready to compete until the whistle blows. Congratulations Falcons!

  9. Page had 2 touchdowns called back for holding and one where Summers fumbled near the goal line as he was going in, which was recovered for a Davie touchback. With a bit more ball security and some more discipline on the holds, Page could have won this game 55 or 62 to 7, but for the first game of the season, mistakes like these will happen. The good thing is, is that they are correctable and will be corrected.

    By the way, I am not whining or complaining, just letting everyone know what happened.

  10. I have to agreed with the person above Dudley’s Defense look really bad last night against the run. That S. Durham QB, look like Former Dudley QB, RICKY LEWIS JR. with his quick feet. Every since that Hillside game from last year, when Hillside used a spead Offense to extend Dudley’s Defense, other teams like Page, Smith, Lee County, Northern Guilford and Other Spead Offenses know how to beat them. I have never seen Dudley’ D-LINE get BEAT UP LIKE WHAT I SAW LAST NIGHT. Dudley could have won still, their running game seem to be strong, still not much of a passing game. But they did run with success on Southern Durham. But if that DEFENSE DON’T TIGHTEN UP QUICK…….RAGSDALE, HILLSIDE, NORTHERN AND PAGE WILL BE LOSSES WITH THE TYPE OF QB’S & OPEN HIGH OCTANE OFFENSES THEY RUN.

  11. The Dudley defense never made an adjustment .5-2 defense may have slowed that quick Soutern Durham QB Belcher from getting to the outside. They killed us with that . I expect a better showing next week.Hopefuly no vanilla defense .Show some different looks, rotate in fresh subs, BLITZ!

  12. Ragsdale had a td called back on a holding penalty and threw an INT at the goal line on 3rd and goal. Just wanted John to know that ragsdale doesn’t always get every call. Except when they Play Page. 😉

  13. and SEG. Mark, you can’t forgot about us and infamous non call that was on news 2 for everyone to see. QB was about to get sacked until the guard tackled the D lineman (smart play by the O lineman,though). Seriously, there are more than enough bad calls to go around and generally….they do.

  14. Damon, Good to see you on the board. Your brother looked good Friday night.
    Are you back in the area and attending the games? Did not see you Friday night.

  15. Damon,

    If you are referring to the game I think you are that one happened so long ago it was back when they wore leather helmets.

    And if your little brother is one the one that was dragging Cowboys down the field the other night that was pretty impressive. What grade is he? He should do well in Fritz’s offense. Good luck to him the rest of the season.

  16. Todd…I’m still living in Norway. I’m usually listening Andy’s radio broadcast, online following the scores, and talking on the phone with my mother and stepdad at the SEG game.

    Mark, not quite leather helmets, but close enough. Ragsdale looked good the other night. I caught the highlights online. My brother, Jamal, is a Junior. He started at CB for SEG last year, but had over 1000 yds and at least 8 TDs on JV his Freshmen year. He loves to hit and he’s a big strong kid (5’9” carrying 180). I would love to see him play some safety. I haven’t seen a kid at SEG hit like him since Justin Venable left. He’ll do well at RB, though.

  17. The front seven will get better, QUICKLY in my opinion the DE wasnt keeping the edge, when a offense runs the spread and the read option, your DE has to force the play inside, which they didnt so you have your LB’s moving sideline to sideline trying to make tackles, we will get that problem corrected, I will say that the defense did make a couple of key stops, but for some reason one kid tried to field a punt and fumbled the ball, so I will say that interception ranned in for a TD and the bobbled PUNT was key, they couldnt stop our run-game, but I got a feeling that we will see them again down the line, IT WAS A GOOD GAME!!!!! Both teams showed promise, COACH DAVIS WILL NOT STAND FOR THAT DEFENSE BEING VANILLA, Coach Davis didnt give them their Paw stickers, he said they have to earn them….

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