Best Baseball Game No One Saw

Last Thursday Night, the Greensboro Grasshoppers effectively played TWO Baseball Games as they played 19 Innings; ending around 12:15 AM Friday Morning.

The first game was a Thirsty Thursday – pretty regular crowd, most everybody listening to the band that drowned out any attempts to watch or listen to the baseball game on the field. That game went fast as most folks never heard the last call and hundreds went dry at the top of the eight inning as the taps closed.

Around the Tenth Inning, most everyone left. It was nothing but baseball and it was just amazing. No blaring ads. No cute dogs. No unnecessary music.

We could actually hear the players call out to each other as they moved around, shouted for fly balls. We could understand Jim Scott, the PA guy. We actually enjoyed the occasional entertainment by SPAZ, the crowd motivator. It was the kind of baseball that is played everywhere else – the stuff that makes baseball boring for most people.

West Virginia not wanting to waste pitchers, put in 2nd Baseman Kevin Mort in the 14th – who kept the Grasshoppers off the bases for nearly 5 innings. Greensboro used its entire bench, plus a few pitchers scheduled for future games.

It was raining lightly, yet the players were into it. The fans were into it. It was fun, again.

May be the Grasshoppers can cut the entertainment and give us a baseball game again in the future; hopefully, one that doesn’t end after midnight.

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  1. Goodness. I was getting ready to go to bed around 10:30 Mountain Time when I checked the Hoppers website, just wanting to make sure everything was on track for Kyle to be the starting pitcher on Saturday. As the page opened I noticed the spot that highlights the last game and the upcoming games and it said “IN PROGRESS”, my eyes scanned to the bottom of that area and the box score showed the game was in the 19th innning!! I immediately clicked on the “listen” prompt to hear Andy making the call of the winning run. I was amazed. Listened to the rest of the broadcast and heard my phone jingle with a text from Kyle telling me he would have returned my text earlier but he had just gotten done form the 19 inning game. Wow. I bet it was great to hear the “action” on the field. Love games like that.

    Hoping for a win for the Hoppers tonight–Saturday.

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