High School Football Scoreboard for 8/26/11

All Games Final:
(Home team is the bottom team)

Northern Guilford 14
Page 35 F

Dudley 6
Ragsdale 28 F

Western Guilford 21
Northwest Guilford 42 F

Southeast Guilford 28 F
Northeast Guilford 50

Smith 6
High Point Andrews 33 F

High Point Central 20
Asheboro 0 F

Eastern Guilford 21
Southwest Guilford 20 F

Morehead 12
Grimsley 26 F


  1. 35 to 14 Page. The Northern fans are leaving in droves…where’s the loyalty?

  2. Northern looked as if the heat got to them more than it got to Page. Probably because Northern has any players going both ways. If NG loses #8 or #7 they are in trouble. Page was bigger and looke more mature physically than Northern, but Northern will be okay in their onference.

  3. Never would I expect to see a Dudley team get dominated on both lines but Ragsdale did tonight. Ragsdale ran and passed on them. Qb never sacked never really pressured. Running game for ragsdale (eleazer and jones) both could get the corners on dudley d. On defense ragsdale stopped them four maybe five times on fourth down.

    Dudley qb has some serious ankle breaking moves once he gets into space. Good luck to Dudley rest of the year.

  4. Just as I predicted a beat down. NG ran out of dirt, ran out of gas and finally ran out of recruits.
    Page dominated the line of scrimmage, out manned and out powered the Nighthawks.
    So much for a New Sheriff in town Page is still Guilford Counties Football Power House.
    The Nighthawk Nation and the Team that Johnny built don’t have to worry about a repeat
    for the State Championship they could very well start 0-3 this year.

    And What was with all the laying around on the field cramping up I think every player NG was on the ground at one time or another.

  5. Northern had some tricks up their sleeve tonight; after they returned a kick for a TD to tie the game at 7, they executed a perfect surprise on-side kick. They also went for it on 4th down on a pass from Downing and converted. They went ahead after Page was flagged on 4th down for illegal substitution. The short field led to a TD and Northern was in command 14-7.

    But Page’s defense really stepped up. I heard Grant Brewer’s name all night long, and their pass rush kept Downing either on his back or on the run a lot. Lots of swarming red jerseys around the ball. #8, Logan, who returned the kick for a TD and scored on a nice run, got hurt late in the first half. Page went ahead on an end around and scored with 35 seconds left in the half, got the 2 point conversion and went into halftime up by 7. Page got the ball on the second half kick-off; Drew Rogers returned it deep into Northern territory, and Page scored on the very next play. As the game wore on I understood by Northern resorted to the gadget plays. They could not match up with Page physically.

    Page then took 5 minutes off the clock in the fourth quarter on a drive that featured nothing but a power rushing attack. A three and out by Northern, and Page got the ball back and just ran the clock out.

    So, to start the season, Page has defeated the defending state champ and the runner-up by a combined score of 76-21. If Gillespie can keep this kids focused and disciplined and if they keep controlling the line of scrimmage, this could be a pretty special year. Lots of ball still to be played but I like what I see so far.

    Congrats to Coach Gillespie and the Page Pirates for a great win tonight in front of 5,000+ fans. Great atmosphere at the game tonight.

  6. The Page/Northern’s score didn’t really tell what happened on the field. In all honesty, I can’t take ANYTHING away from Northern. Those boys came to play! On the opening kickoff, Northern received the ball and ran with it. Northern’s runner got popped by one of Page’s defender which caused a fumble in which Page recovered. Soon afterward, Northern had an interception and the battle was on……..back and forth…back and forth.
    Each team traded back and forth but the slight edge went to Page early on simply because they were able to capitalize on yards when they had possession. Then, #8 got hurt. Immediately after that long timeout, James scored. I think at that time,Page begin to take Northern out of the game mentally. Soon after, #12 got hurt. I don’t remember if any of those two returned to the game. With that new law in place, once someone is taken out, it’s pretty much a safe bet they won’t return. All in all, it was a very close game simply in the fact that we (in the stands) didn’t for ONCE count Northern out until there was absolutely NO TIME left on the clock.
    Great game, Pirates!!!!!!!!

  7. Page’s defense was on point tonight. There were quite a few players who made big plays. Grant, Shaun, DeAnthony (I KNOW he had numerous tackles and maybe two sacs) and Ed to name a few. I think it was an all around effort from the defense which helped us sustain.

    Again, I’m so proud of my Pirates!!!!

  8. Northern put up a strong effort for sure. And that #8? Whoosh. Incredible speed, makes tacklers miss, hard to bring down. Their QB strikes me as the kind of guy who can really hurt you if he has time to throw. And he’s got good speed, too.

    Page was just too much tonight. I saw #50 for Page just get blatantly held on one play, and he shook the blocker off, and bullrushed the QB and nailed him for a big loss. Lots of big hits by the defense tonight.

    There was a lot of emotion on the Page side of the field. They wanted this one bad.

    Give Northern credit; they have lots of good skill players.

  9. Don’t think I can watch that replay on tv . But go ahead Tigers and tune in , your boys looked stong and swift in the game .Most of Ragsdale and Dudleys games sre tight battles , not tonight. Your boys dominated and you should be proud.

  10. The SWG and EG game was a brawl….braxton daye and brandon banks ejected right in front of third quarter also #52 another lb for cowyboys ejected..which made it easier for eastern and only one player from eastern got ejected..this will be reviewed b nchsaa and banks and daye could face up to 2-3 games…
    but that made a diffrence in the game..

  11. We’ll take a win no matter how ugly. At least that coach finally started running the ball and we see what happened. Now that we figured out how to score, maybe this week we can learn how to play defense and get 11 kids on the field in the kicking game.

  12. I just caught the highlights of the SEG game. Looks like the controlled the game until the 3rd quarter and just fell apart. My parents are on a cruise so I have no actual updates from anyone who was at the game. I’ll have to call my little brother later today and see what happened.

  13. NWG really hammered WG. Its was tied 7 to 7 at end of 1rst. NWG flat out took over in the second scoring 21 unanswered and by the end of the 3rd it was 42 – 7. NWG had yet another TD called back to start the 4th on a bogus I feel sorry for WG flag. WG’s starters scored 2 very late TD’s in final 4 mins against the NWG second/third team. Man, once the Viking Offense gets going look out and the Viking Defense can pin their ears back as well. Can’t wait to see the Northen/NWG game in a few weeks

  14. Good confidence builder for Grimsley last night. No as many mistakes as against Ragsdale but still too many mistakes if playing a quality team. I don’t feel as bad about the Ragsdale game seeing what they did to Dudley last night. Moorehead had a much smaller roster. Reader was awesome as he carried defenders into the end zone and made huge holes for others. I think he even caught a TD pass last night.

  15. I figured this was going to happen. NG gets the %^$# beat out of them and now it’s because they lost #8.
    Hey your the defending 3A Champions and that’s all you got. Quit crying and admit it you got beat, you got
    out played. No excuses suck it up and move on to next week. What I saw was a NG team with a very limited offense
    and a weak defense. The D Line is horrible and no LB to back it up DB;s are your best athletes. There is no way you can ask 7&8
    to do it all. This is how it looks when you play with the players you are suppose to have.

  16. Alumni is right a lot of holes on D and a lot of arm tackling as well. NG is going to be in trouble when they play
    teams who can run the ball right at them.

  17. Dudley has the talent. The game last night was 21-6 with Dudley deep in Tiger territory but they got stopped on 4th down both times. Game was closer than the score indicated. Dudley’s strength matched up directly against Ragsdale’s strength. Dudley will be fine. Their coaches made good adjustments in the 2nd half. Dudley is still very athletic at the skill positions and team speed is still a strength. They will continue to get better this season with experience. Don’t sleep on them. I think they take Northern this week.

  18. Interesting. I thought the game wasn’t as close as the score indicated. I say that only because to me there was never any doubt Ragsdale was in control or was in danger of losing the game. Don’t get me wrong – not saying Dudley is not a good team. Just think Ragsdale is much further along right now. Ragsdale’s strength on offense is they are so balanced. They can run and pass and they use all their weapons.

    I still am a little afraid teams can throw on the Tigers but that’s not what Dudley does. They did have a little success doing that but couldn’t sustain it. Their best play all night was Hayes getting flushed from the pocket and creating. Some of those were probably by design. Still think Dudley needs work across both lines if they hope to beat Page or make a run in the playoffs.

  19. I agree Dudley will be fine, they will adjust and not only beat Northern but be a factor as the season goes on even though Dudley has never started 0-2 in the Coach Davis era they will bounce back.

  20. You have to give credit when due good game Tigers but I will like to give shout-out to a close friend of mine Anthony”Lil-Ant”Stewart giving a pretty good panthers defense problems last night with 5 catches for 132 yards I remember back in day when he was about 5 or 6 playing backyard football with him and all he did was practice his game day and night wanting to be better than everybody else and doing whatever it took to get there. An extremely gifted talent and hard worker and it’s paying off proud of you man

  21. I think it’s early to pull the panic button on the defending champions just yet. It was only there first game and lets remember everybody they played a state champion contender in Page so if anything this made them a better team. Although I have them losing to Dudley I got them winning out as repeating champs too me T.J. Logan on another level and when Mr. Downing gets on that level with him that will a dangerous combo to deal with. And the defense did a pretty good job against James Summers last night it was injury and turnovers that made a blowout in the second half.

  22. Have not heard much form the Nighthawk Nations. Really surprising to see the NG faithful empty the stands with 7 min left in the 4th.
    They could easily start 0-3 with Dudley and NWG next on the schedule, then comes the easy part Morehead, McMichael, and the rest of the
    easiest conference in the state. Western Alamance will be their only competition as far as conference play goes.
    No Keenan, No Harris, No Repeat

  23. Pirates caught a huge break when TJ went out. With his speed, he is threat every time he has ball. Nobody on PHS can stay with him.

    Hatfield makes difference for Page. Summers great athelete but he gonna get hurt running so much. Throw the ball more!

  24. Why would you have your best QB and best RB running punts and kickoffs back. If they lose those 2 guys there season is over. They are very talented players and need to be rested for their offense. I think the reason Northern crampe so much last night was due to so many of their players going both ways. Page was just bigger, stronger and more athletic. Give Northern credit, they never quit but got out manned. When they get to their conference they may not lose. Their conference is very weak..

  25. Elliot Green,

    Update for you on SW. Mr. Daye and Banks where cleared to play next week. Goes to show that the eye in the sky don’t lie. It’s sad to know that these young men were tossed trying to do the right thing.

  26. @ KIR–

    Not to take anything away from T.J, but I think you and I were @ different games. Yes, he did have some bursts for downs and flashed it up to the end zone but ya gotta understand something…WE DID TOO! The thing I see is Page has so much talent on offense and defense and can go deep. We’ve got some sleepers that you hear very little about and real talk, I’m willing to bet that some of them would actually be starters if they were playing for other teams.

    As far as your comment about Summers throwing the ball more…sure he could because he’s got tons of receivers just salivating for the ball. In hindsight, I still stand on my first comment about Page taking them out of the game mentally. Those Nighthawks put a LOT of stock in T.J. and he’s rightfully deserving of it. But when he went out, I think it took a some of the wind out of the team’s sail.

  27. Huh, good news on Banks and Daye. If there were cleared then good for them. What was posted was accurate. Them and 2 others got ejected. True. now it appears they have been reinstated. that’s great. Hate for seniors to miss a game for something like this.

  28. Underdog, we were at same game. TJ going out was difference. You take Summers out against NG and Page will probably lose. You might as well call him a running back. I’m hoping he doesn’t get hurt ala Will Newman, who wouldn’t give the ball up either. I am a huge fan, I just dont want to see him hurt by taking too many chances with his legs. He has a great arm and good receivers. Use them!!!

  29. sssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh can you hear those golden eagles? nope . why is no one talking? can you say long ,long year. smashed by andrews what’s next?

  30. Yeah eaglezzzz, where are you now??? I mean you got on here in the summer saying how the eagles won’t getting any love and that they were gonna shock the city this year…I think we all knew better…

  31. Can’t hear no Eagle wings and can’t hear any Nighthawk wings either.
    Ain’t nobody saying nuttin.

  32. well i guess they are hiding ,come out come out whereever you are????? all talk ,you look good coming out moving from side to side ,that doesnt work anymore. its like a bouncer in a club when you get beat up no one respects you anymore at the club,well you got beat up twice but at least your not talking. hey anyone remember that song “fly like an eagle”. lol i think smith has a bulls eye on their chest or back. the metro want be good to them when conference starts, i bet dudley and page have that game circled.????? i feel bad for smith -ahhhhhhhhh no i dont. becareful of what you say and do to people kurma is a you know what. have a good day see you at the game.

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