The Big High School Football Games for this week

This three should be the “Big Games of the Week”……

#1 Northwest Guilford(6-1) at Ragsdale(6-1)
#2 Southern Guilford(5-1) at Northeast Guilford(5-1)
#3 Southeast Guilford(6-1) at Dudley(2-4)

That’s the way it looks from here and do you agree or disagree?


  1. We will be in Jamestown with the AM950 radio on Friday night for the Ragsdale-NWG game and the reason the Dudley-SEG game is so big is the point that if SEG wins, they are still in line to have a shot at Page later on in the season for the Metro and if Dudley wins, they also are unbeaten in the Metro and a fast improving Dudley Panther team would have a shot at Page at home on October 21….SEG is at Page on October 28……It is obvious, the entire Metro must go through Page in 2011……

    Ragsdale-NWG should be for the Piedmont Triad 4-A Title…..East Forsyth has an outside shot still if NWG topped Ragsdale and then NWG fell to EF……Maybe a three-way dance then…..

  2. Andy i believe Dudley has got their MoJo back. It will really be tough for S.E. to beat them. Likewise for Page. They have found their offense and their strength of schedule will help them out the rest of the season. Don’t write the Panthers off yet.

  3. @Ron I am a big DUDLEY fan. I do think that we will beat SEG friday. They are just to one dimensional. As for Page, be carefull what you ask for. They are on another level this year. I do believe that we will play them tougher than most think. Our non conference schedule was brutal and we are finally getting our guys healthy. If we go East in 4A we can make a long playoff run.

  4. Obviously most of you have not seen a SE game this year. In the past they have been one dimensional but this year is different. With Will Greene at QB they still feature the run but his arm has allowed Fritz to open up the passing game. Will has also matured to the point that he is more deceptive on runs. Petty and company will get lots of yards but when you start keying on them the pass will open up more yards. SE will beat Dudley by at least a couple touch downs on Friday. Dudley is going o lose their Mojo in his game but might regain it by the end of the year.

  5. Gfan,
    If i was a betting man i would wager a dinner on this game. S.E. has mad a turn around this year….but the D-Boyz as we call them are back. Homecoming this week and Falcon is on the menu. By the way make sure you stop by and get you a fish sandwhich. Page Pirates you’re next. Arrrrrgh!

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