Was it right/correct for ESPN to yank Hank from MNF? Did they need to put the hammer to ‘ole Hank Williams Jr.?

When did we start to cross the line from politics over into sports? Hank Williams Jr. made what is now being considered an outrageous statement on FOX NEWS’, ‘Fox and Friends’, saying that President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were the enemy and does that make Hank Jr. a terrorist?

Did he become a threat to the Monday Night Football crowd on ESPN? I wonder how many people watching the game last night were even aware that Hank Williams Jr. even made that statement……..

Was this the right move by ESPN and was it just another case of being politically correct and if so, what happened to the right of freedom of speech and can’t you even voice your own opinion any more?

Is Hank Williams Jr. a threat to our National Security?

Was he speaking in terms of the president and vice president being the enemy in warfare/battle terms, or as in, they are the competition in the next election?????

Why not let the song/opening play and then issue a statement, at some time during the broadcast, that your network does not support or endorse the political statements/comments recently attributed to, or concerning Hank Williams Jr.??? Or run a little scroller at the bottom of the screen at th end of the football broadcast…….

Any thoughts on this one? Initial reaction says ESPN/ABC went too far on this one…….