He’s just saying:Chris Edwards on the needed ADM’s for the NCHSAA Football Playoffs

We got a very good update yesterday from Chris Hughes at CarolinaPreps.com and we have a tweet today that came in over at Carolina GridIron.com, from Chris Edwards, the play-by-play man for the Garner Trojans'(9-0) radio and Edwards is also the media relations man for the Thomasville Hi-Toms…..

Chris Edwards was just saying:

I just heard they may not have ADM numbers until after Saturday…We may not have brackets until Sundy or Monday…..

*****And wouldn’t that be crazy for all of the fans/coaches/players that are used to getting that news no later than Saturday afternoon….*****

Chris Edwards also does work for the HighSchoolOT at WRALSportsFan.com……

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  1. For the schools that haven’t reported their ADM’s yet, they should be placed in 4AA! Then I bet next year they have them turned in early.

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