More NCHSAA news that could effect 3-A Morganton Freedom in the state football playoffs

Morganton Freedom is (9-1) entering their game with Patton(0-9) this Friday night, but Freedom got into a fight last Friday night, during their game with Chase and now Que Tucker(former Reidsville HS basketball star and coach) will have to rule on the fighting of Freedom incident….

Que Tucker as she works to prepare and hand down her ruling from the NCHSAA…….

“Basically we received video from the school(Morganton Freedom) that did not show the incident(fight),” Tucker said. “And at this point, there is nothing to refute what the officials have said — that there were players ejected from both teams for fighting and additional players from Freedom High School who came on the field during the fight. That is a no-no and has always been considered fighting.

“Wednesday morning, I will make an official ruling and without any new video, I will simply have to enter what the handbook says.”

And that would mean Freedom is out.

Read more CLICK HERE from the Charlotte Observer’s Prep Insiders….


  1. If they weren’t seniors, they may have to sit out the first 2 games next fall. At least the rules say so anyway.

  2. Southwest and Eastern knew before the following weeks game and it was a definite, that Southwest would forfeit its playoff appearances this year. If there were three or more ejections this should be a mute point and Freedom’s season is done.

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