Is Withers withering under the heat from the Hot Seat? Job security will be an issue headed into December

New post at the Charlotte Observer/News and Observer web sites, from Caulton Tudor, out of Raleigh and he feels the Hot Seat is getting warmer, for UNC head football coach Everett Withers and that the coach may be withering away and his job may be going right out the door, when the current Tar Heel football season closes the door on 2011…..

There will be a bowl, but will his position roll-over, when Coach Withers and Bubba Cunningham meet to talk about the future, of the Tar Heel football program???

CLICK HERE to read all from Mr. Tudor……

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  1. Tom O’Brien could hire him at NC State next year.He gave the Pack a great pre game talk on Saturday.

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